Carlos!! Grimes ultimate mystery has been solved

LEGENDARY moment in grime. featuring Bashy and Ghetts. The two decided to have a rap battle on road as they were both making a name for themselves. see video below. the epic moment in this clash came when bashy accused him of getting raped in jail on a regular. Ghetts who was fresh out could not take it, a nerve had definitely been struck. He went into full rage if not for the guys holding him back there could’ve been a beat down. Ghetts with soul in his voice started screaming nah nah nah wheres carlos ask carlos. Bashys claim looked strong as his cousin was in jail with ghetts but ghetts’ denial was looking weak you could see pain in his eyes as if memories were pouring in. He was calling for carlos to vouch for him a guy nobodys heard of guy that wasnt even around the video…. a guy that probably doesnt exist  If you dont know about this story please watch the vid below

For years this mystery carlos has put ghetts at the centre of jokes. every month someone screamed wheres carlos in the classroom. every year people discussed if ghetts really got raped in pen. Till now there was no other backup from ghetts. I myself had been investigating on a sly. I found someone last year who new ghetts from inside and would boast about them being the best footballers in prison. I questioned him about carlos existence. The guy had no idea who he was.

The joke ended this week on NOT FOR THE RADIO a youtube channel that you MUST subscribe to if you associate with grime. They have amazing interviews just like hip hop 97 and power breakfast club in america. This week was ghetts they talked about his career through out and everything that brought him to his position. As a grand finale just before the as we were holding our breath, they popped the question WAGWARN FOR CARLOS. The moment he asked it confirmed to me that everyone in grime had been asking this question and I couldnt wait to laugh at his answer. Unfortunately his answer made perfect sense he completely cleared the air. It was a great relief finding the truth but i realised it was the end off an era no more carlos jokes.




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