Its January. For numerous reasons, people are taking the backwards journey, the pagan journey, the homo anti-sapien journey into vegan. Ha! if this title decieved you, then am glad ’cause am on the attack. You guys are wrong on many levels

GODS CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL ARE BEAUTIFUL BUT THEY WERE’NT MADE IN HIS IMAGE You see,what you guys are doing is unholy. Man shall not live by bread alone; gotta have fish with it too. Two fish for every five loaves, thats how the masses should be feeding. Am not even joking here this is biblical. I expect all you christians and muslims to heed the words of jesus and behave yourselves. Don’t worry, in spirit of religion I forgive you all. Just head to your nearest bossman i.e owner of your local fast-food shop and do justice to some good old fashioned Chicken&chips/ Fish&Chips.

Yeah I know. Only half of yall actually care about gospel But y’all aint off the hook. I speak on behalf of the C.O.Cs (community of carnivores). I am pro meat so if you’re saying no to meat you’re against me and I’m against you. I indeed have a bone to chew with you (yh I dont pick bone I chew it. I’m eating everything now burn at my joke let it hurt your eyes). Why would you do this to yourself seriously?. Mankind for millenias has survived on meat. Our bodies are designed for it. Why you purposely setting yourself backwards. Now your tryna substitue all that nutrition your missing with trash food. So many vegetarians are fat. Cos your all removing the good delicious stuff and replacing with crap. Even a cow needs six stomachs and re-chews to digest veg. We are human, we are glorified, we are kings of the land and top of the food chain. The cow eats the veg on my behalf so that I won’t have to and neither should you. I wish you vegans would try this nonesene in africa. In my village they’ll shun you. All you inner-city kids keep coming up with these rubbish lifestyles. Stop it. Arrghh and fashion is picking it up. I mean theres nothing wrong with fasting you know a temporary abstinence but all these lifetime of fasting nonsense needs to be left for the monks and the priests.

Oh yh and all you gluten free nonsense people should just die off.  Stop giving people stress in restaurants and parties and houses. Stop placing these unnecessary restrictions. People were fine before these silly ideas came along. If its too late for you and your medically conditioned to restrict your diet than that’s your burden and you have my support. rest of y’all should stop giving cooks headache. Mother nature provided it, we’ve survived well on it, now eat

Animals are there to be eaten. Respect them and eat them well. These mindless vessels receive meaning to their existence when they arrive on my dinner plate. I think being in city has y’all spoilt. Attention all animals, If you ain’t helping on the farm or my life then the least you can do is fill my stomach. Pets? ha I dont play with my food. dogs are ok cos you can employ them as  guards, horses as vehicles. cats and spiders as pest control but thats it. rest of yall getting munched even the dog that has stopped pulling his wait he aint safe. Why?? Its how the world is food chain all day baby. GODS CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL ARE BEAUTIFUL BUT THEY WERE’NT MADE IN HIS IMAGE

Published by WheresNobody

I am nobody incarnated/personified

15 thoughts on “Veganuary

      1. If you went vegan you would have to stop eating chocolate. You’ll feel healthier cos your ingesting less sugar. You’ll start praising vegan diet when really its a no chocolate diet


      2. I know but its like the same principle for most ppl when they stop goin maryland and macdonalds cos theyve become vegetarian. They would still feel healthy if they just stopped eating fast food


      3. So you dont eat sausages hot dogs canned tuna and all that stuff. Thats really good.
        Well so what do you meam by healthier. since I know your not actually vegetarian and your also an athlete have you ever compared your result in training or competition with the changes in diets?


      4. The only meet i know to be not so great for your system is pork cos of the pigs diet. I guess the rest boils down to your individual body maybe


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