Death is Sweet and Murder is Mercy

Dear Christian

I heard that the fear of death made you heed warnings of Karma and made you believe in an after life. I also heard that fear of death, is the root of why you’re truly religious? I’m not here to say you’re wrong to believe in your religion. I am saying, You are definitely wrong for fearing death. It actually disgusts me because it exposes you as a fraud.

Years of using the phrase “Rest In Peace” yet not a single part of you has ever believed or yearned for the merciful, glorious and luxurious peace, brought unto us only by death. By my definition, that makes you a heathen against mankind and nature. When you slept last night you were dreaming for about 5% of the time the other 95% was blissful stress-free peace. You had no worries no strife everything in life meant nothing. All you hopes dreams aspirations and even loved ones were wonderfully forgotten. You were still and peaceful with nothing to work for.

Refusing to accept death as the biggest gift to mankind is one thing but pretending as if death is punishment is too far. I’ve never seen a dead man suffering. Suffering is a living mans concept. Pain is a living mans concept. I would never shoot my enemy in the head. That instant-kill-luxury is reserved for loved ones or people who mean nothing to me but are obstacles. I finally understand why the action hero is comfortable killing the villains guards who are innocent men with wives and kids, yet struggles to just quickly end the life of the evil mastermind. Death is mercy and can never serve as a win against your enemy. Torture them, crush their ideology, drag out their suffering and savour it.


P.S. I dont wanna hear ‘rest in peace’ again, from the non-believers of deaths bliss

About WheresNobody

I am nobody incarnated/personified
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