Soldiers, Pawns and kings

The idea of having a feud with someone and then sending out people to fight on your behalf. The whole idea of class, royalty and serious patriotsm, giving you the power and state of mind to send other humans out as pawns for your own goals. To be fair I actually understand. If you can use other lives why use yours. Life’s all about exploiting resources and other people. The people I hate are the soldiers. In fact i don’t know if i hate them or just the concept of being a soldier.
My life to me is the most precious thing in the world. I  am a man with my own personal life opinion and ideals. I cannot fathom the idea of going into war because someone of presidency from his desk chair is feuding. Forget that. Why should i put my life on the line for somebody elses ideals. The whole idea that the trojan war was based on a woman helena troy. I refuse to put myself in the category of those insignificant soldiers who died for a feud that has nothing to do with them. The idea of being told to kill people who under different circumstances could be my besties. Literally killing people who if you got to know, you might actually like.

In action films you see a guy murder 20 bodyguards in cold blood and we see that as ok (fair enuff he’s on a mission) but what pisses me off is that moment when they get to the boss who realises he’s been beat, the same boss who recruited all these henchmen to die on his behalf and would do it again asap. At that moment the hero starts trying to give the boss another chance to change. when the boss is beat and gives up either by pleading for his life or a quick death (acting like a victim now). Instead of the guy to kill the boss like he did the bodyguards  the guy always shows mercy as if to say the bodyguards lives were not worth mercy. I don’t know if its  wrong but its weird and unacceptable. That those bodyguards were nothing but pawns of the boss’s will and were nothing but numbers. I bet they were just init for the money and didn’t agree or care what the boss does.

I Guess if your gonna put yourself in the position of a mindless follower. You need to make sure the person has your interests goals and ideals at heart. Even if you dont have much power, dont be a mere replaceable battery in a device. Be a device too no matter how small but if you are gonna be a battery make sure your in a device that operates the way you want it too. Live life the way you see fit, its more free that way. Its like being self employed compared to being employed. I say its best to be self employed but if you are employed. Work for your dream company that does what you agree with.

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3 Responses to Soldiers, Pawns and kings

  1. miusho says:

    I always wondered about that. You kill scores of minions. Why grant mercy on the leader.. That’s so illogical..

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