Pride is a virtue not a vice

People always act as if pride is evil. When pride is handled well its the best tool in the world. I am proud of my pride, ego, standard and principles. Of course too much of anything is bad for you and pride is one of them. Pride gets too much slack so i feel like celebrating it/her.

  • Yesterday I jogged 3 miles in 25 mins, I DO NOT JOG and i dont like it either. However my pride was on the line when I told my friends i was gonna jog on facebook. after 2 mins i realised the destination was too far 5X further than i thought. I couldn’t havem knowing I tried and failed so I did it …some how. I’m proud of that. muscles still killing me tho 😦
  • When I rollerblade to commute in front of loads of people who are definitely watching me. Its my pride that keeps me from falling. I refuse to give them a reason to judge my skating. 4 years I’ve only dropped in public once. I’m proud of that. when am jamming with other rollerbladers i fall all the time since my pride aint on the line
  • When it comes to sport I play with pride. How dare i be looked down upon by my opponent or my teamates for being the weakest link. pride in all her glory pushes my limits and makes me plat that much harder to be a great player in all my fields. I moved from not playing dodgeball to first team in a flash. I’m proud of that
  • how dare i go home saying i’m the one person out of hundreds who failed. I refused to be looked down on by my peers or bring shame to the fam. Pride got me my degree despite my lack of passion for my course. I’m proud of that
  • Pride is the reason i keep clean or rub cream instead of looking all ashy. cant have ppl looking down on me like some hobo. If i was on an island on my own. even if the facilities are there. I defo wont care about hygiene, clothing, haircut or anything about my appearance. Pride keeps me presentable. i’m proud of that
  • I was given a 3 page song to learn in latin and sing in front of a bishop in a week while i was still in boarding school. Pride got me through the impossible task like it was nothing. I sacrificed all my free time and ditched a lot of classes without getting caught. I sang my heart out like i was born to do it. I’m proud of that
  •  After portraying the good boy image in boarding school, pride taught me to do so much ‘illegal’ activity. I broke at least 8/10 of all the rules  that were made with expulsion on the line and didn’t get caught once. 100 students were reduced to about 56 students after 5 years mainly due to expulsion, deaths or dropping out, I was still given an award for being the best general student by the principal. I’m proud of that.
  • Pride is the only reason i ever do something 100%. Pride it is what keeps me going when i have no other reason to. Never done diets. I’m a big eater so the idea makes sense but i hate it completely and laugh at ppl on diets.Last year, without any reason I went on liquid only diet 800kcal a day just to see if i can. just to prove to myself I was capable and give myself the right to judge people on diets. What should’ve lasted half a day. I did it for 4days. I’m proud of that. I tried it again 6 months later i only lasted 2 days. there wasn’t enough pride on the line.
  • Refusing to be the weakling in the group I secretly bought skates went to a deserted park on my own and learnt how to skate in one week. after that week i joined my friends who were seasoned skaters. I wasn’t on their level but i was just about able to keep up and I knew a few tricks i was able to teach them. I’m hella proud of that. they refused to believe i had only started a weak before. Pride made me bridge the gap they made skating for years in just one week

once i lose my pride I lose all of these things and soo much more, be proud of your pride. the moment you lose pride in something the moment you stop pushing for it.

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2 Responses to Pride is a virtue not a vice

  1. leonahinds says:

    Great post, keep writing as if your pride is on the line!

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