Teenage Jesus

Writing this because I have questions for the theologists and the vatican. The people with the access and patience to read all the necessary books on the life of jesus.

What the hell happened to teenage Jesus? Did humans and miracle revelations stop occuring after jesus hit puberty? There is a massive timeskip in the bible and all the preachers make us skip over the gaps in his story.

Do you guys not trust us with the truth. You want us to see his perfection only. Nonsense! The whole point of him coming down here was to relate to our journey. Go through shit that we went through. You’re hiding something and its plain as day to me. Teenage Jesus was a saucy sinner.

You guys make us feel so guilty for erring as humans especially when we’re young. You use that guilt to control us from day one. If we knew half of the temptation he fell for, we’d love ourselves more and be less judgementl of others.

I dont even care about any of that. I dont want to attack church. I just want to know the juicy stories of teenage jesus on rampage, moving reckless in ends. We all knew the path he was on when we read the passage of him talking back to his Rabbi when he was a kid. When your teachers tell you about that story, they praise jesus saying he’s so intelligent. Ladies and gentleman, what you were reading was the stubborness and rude entitlement of a kid who was raised being called the son of God all his life.

Jesus was probably hated by his peers probably got bullied whenever he tried that nonsense attitude on road. You cant be living in broke ends and talking like you’re better than everyone else. Young Jesus was getting bullied and mugged on a regular. No wonder he was so humble he was getting peppered and corn daily untill he killed his bully with his first miracle.

Of course. Theres no way that the wedding at cana was the first time jesus first showed his super powers. Mary was way too confident when she asked her son to fix the wine scarcity. This issue had nothing to do with them yet they performed the “miracle” so they can get liquored.

Jesus absolutely practiced his super powers on the streets. Damn the juicy things he could’ve gotten up to. I know he caught a few bodies for sure. A guy that was confident in his ability to ressurect the dead has absolutely got experience making them dead in the first place.

I believe his teenage antics actually boost his profile not take away. Humilty of a powerful prince. The journey of maturity before he presented himself to be baptised by John the baptist. They should release the stories. If christianity is real then these stories have to exist. Else this is just one of the many reasons for why I dont believe in it

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