A son should die for his fathers sins

Sometimes during a train of thought, I like to see things from a different perspective. from an outer earth almost like a gods perspective. but my god is an alien named bob whose lifespan is soo infinitely long that time moves a lot faster for him. He’s as big as giant so when watching us he doesnt observe us as individuals but groups just the way humans see ants when theyre in their colony. His job is to observe earth as it grows and changes and then make contact when earth is ready.

Bob makes me think about my family and what we’ve accomplished as a group. with my surname being Negend, I wonder what does bob think about Negend, he’s been watching us for generations he doesn’t reall have time to concentrate on each individual  or each generation. to him Negend is Negend no first name. If he’s watching us like we’re TV and my Grandfather kills one of the blakes. All bob sees is that Negends attacked the blakes. he wont  see me individually. generations to come he will still expect blake to try and get me back. I don’t even know if am making sense but i think of this all the time. It makes me think of how insignificant I am on my own but how I’m a current representative of all the people before me. If reincarnation existed it would be from father to son and mother to daughter. It then would make me think of this rule that some asian countries have or had. The rule where if a man commits a crime his family will get punished for generations. If a father is condemned to death they’ll condemn the children too. all that stuff makes sense to me and as fucked up as it is. i find myself going yes that’s how it should be done in the right conditions. Like in those days when your family was everything. When everything about your way of life, knowledge, morals, work/trade, etc came from your family. In those times your son would be pretty much your reincarnation. you would upload all your ideals into his head and die while bob in outer space just sees one person one family name in all generations. With that line of thinking I put the son equally accountable for the fathers actions. If the father is a murderer then his son is too, if the fathers holy then the son is too. I mean if someone kills the father you expect the son to go for revenge because he and his father are one no matter what side of the law they are.

Thanks bob for helping me understand another culture even if I dont agree with it anymore, you gave me peace of mind.

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