Michael Jackson was Castrated by His father

That’s right It’s my first blog and am going straight in, forget starting slowly. This is one of my theories and  probably my most strong.

Yes; I bet half of you are already connecting the dots and agreeing with me. I will happily bet my best friends sisters life on this theory being true. A few of you think am being ridiculous but think about it. Michael Jackson that was soft spoken, singing about peace and Hated his father his whole life with that capital letter H I just used. I think a majority of people in the world can relate to strict parents and getting beats (its not that deep mj).  Michael jackson in his old age with success that came from his fathers upbringing, could not look past his trauma as a kid from his father and find a place to respect and forgive his aged father. Most people grow up,  stop getting beats from parents then end up being on good terms. Its clear MJ’s did something even more traumatizing, something most people cannot relate to. We all know how obsessed his father was about MJ’s career in the Jackson 5. Is it really far fetched to think he would consider removing atleast one of his testicles physically or chemically. So that his voice stays high pitch by reducing testosterone. Castration for music purposes is actually a known practice in many parts of the world. If your dad has your balls cut off, am sure you’d really hate him for life too. The symptoms are all there; his lack of muscle tone (he’s a dancer that isn’t normal), the lack of testosterone gives him a bit of a kids body. His high pitch voice even in regular conversation. Its like we’re waiting for his voice to crack it only toned down half way.

 I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT A BLACK MAN WILL HAVE  THREE NON ALBINO WHITE CHILDREN WHO HAVEN’T A HINT OF MIXRACED APPEARANCE. MJ’s obiously sterile.  Bleaching and a hair transplant obviously wont change your genetic make up.

 This castration could possibly explain the path that lead him to child molesting (allegedly).

Ok I just now opened the comments section to know what you guys think so comment below

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5 Responses to Michael Jackson was Castrated by His father

  1. Jill Borsuk says:

    I am 53 years old. I remember when Michael Jackson was very young. I also remember people talking on the radio about how his parents were thinking about castrating him so that his voice wouldn’t change. I remember asking my mother what that meant and she told me they sometimes did that to boys who were in choirs over in Europe. Over the years I have asked some music buffs if they remember talk like this but I never got an answer until now.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Years ago a person friend of MJ told me that, “…he had his balls cut off…”


  3. Rey says:

    All elite celebs are transgendered by their wannabe parents.. black, white, brown, yellow and red.. It’s a sarifice of sorts.. What happened to MJ is the tip of the iceburg.. look into it for your next blog


  4. Charles Ritvalsky says:

    I can not it and despite want some would have any believe is overwhelming evidence I can not confirm as fact nor can the many who accept this as fact either but in conjecture, I think MJ was a castrato.


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