So many necessary evils in this world. Soldiers are one of them and extreme activism is another. Its really weird cos as much as i vow never to be one of them. I know that i depend on them to maintain my sense of peace. evil is a strong word but i don’t like the idea of being a strong activist and sometimes the concept annoys me.
your opinions ain’t mine. activists are strongly opinionated and the problem is that they always assume to talk on behalf of the people they wanna represent. As a black guy, i watch people chatting nonsense on behalf of black people or they claim to be outraged. No I am black and I am not outraged by everything you’re are claiming its uncomfortable for me and others. They’re always unknowingly being hypocritical, by telling someone how to feel, telling them to feel like a victim and telling them they should be outraged. when truly the person doesn’t care but now the person is confused  on how they should feel vs how they really feel and it becomes uncomfortable. They’re ultimate goal is world peace i assume and equality. but you often find them spreading nothing but hate. they assume to be empowering the people they represent but sometimes all they do is give reasons for them to hate the other side.
i think it must really suck to be an activist. they’re eyes are always covered in blood. they are extremely bias as they look at the world through hatred or resentment. always quick to conclude that they are being attacked or that someone else is a bad person. Or that things are happening due to something ism. They cant give the benefit of the doubt cos there is no love  You see the worst part of this is that activists are in a position where their voices are heard and taken seriously. gotta blame social media. everybody is crying wolf with this ‘I am outraged’ nonsense but people r still being listened to. how fucked must the world become before they stop listening to media outrage. Politically correct is eating the soul of the world little by little. How many good individuals supporting their families will lose their jobs before media outrage loses its annoying power. activists hv made the world baby sensitive. A human being shouldn’t have the right to sit in his comfy chair at home,weigh in on something he doesnt understand or fully know about and take away another mans career. Of course yu have the right to feel and spread your opinion but this shudnt be the reason companies are firing people. I guess as much as i hate their bull shit they get results not everything is gonna be perfect, many times the activist do get it right. I think activism is like bargaining in the market sometimes, state an initial price that is really high with nonsense so that when they meet in the middle its equality. loooool i just read thru this now 2 weeks later after posting. I refuse to edit this haha

Stop calling everything racist. stop treating woman as victims all the time in every case. stop killing ppl  (terrorism and extreme activism are one). stop loving animals more than mankind. stop expecting everyone to love the animals like yall. infact y’all are crazy to me. not saying killing animals unnecessarily  is good but its not supposed to attract the same hatred you give a murderer. non ya biz tbh. let death of cecil aint a human. why yu tryna cut thaat dentist from limb to limb

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