‘Its Just an Act’. Doesn’t Work if we Family

Lala Anthony you did Camelo wrong too. (Video)

I just watched this hot 97  clip with shanni being shut down cos hes tryna be smart and silly. The topic wss LaLa and camelos marriage break up. Shanni was trying to say it could be her fault – a domino effect from her sex scene in ‘Power’ the tv show. The idea is foolish the way he’s suggesting it cos that wouldnt make it her fault. If camelo felt a way he should have said, he still chose the wrong path to cheat. I dont really care about their relationship to be honest. Shannis idea was absolutely sound though. For some reason they refused to hear him out. Laura and co were saying “Its just acting”. Erm just acting ?

This interview really had me bugging. Hearing them shout she’s acting like therefor its ok….. huh? Absolutely not! you must be on something. You have the right to make your own choices but your choices affect me and you can’t expect me to have public opinion on this. My wife, this radio personality I married, showing tits on camera. Hell No, unacceptable, you wronged me first and you violated. Having sex on camera, my wife in a popular tv program. F#&* off…. You not with me? Ok

I wanna play a game. Would you rather (must choose one no but or ifs)

 sleep with a goat once (medically clean in this case) and nobody finds  out ever


You don’t sleep with a goat but due to a video or someone lying about you, the world thinks you slept with a goat and bring it up every once in a while.

Personally I’ll close my eyes think of J lo and rock that she-goats world. The point is though, you had to think about it cos both situations are just as bad as the other. Living with what you are or what people have decided you are. What I’m saying is, if it looks like cheating smells like cheating to me and to the world, then you have cheated. It will hurt me the same whether i know its acting or not. Do you really think that when i see you on the screen i see the character you’re playing cos yu changed hair style and wore different clothes?

Which is my next point. I’m your husband so the ‘thespian’ thing is absolute bullocks. The world will see you as the character. I will see my wife being someone else. I’m not alone by the way. Your child will see mummy pretending to be this but its mummy. Your parents their daughter and your friends, our friends whose opinions matter to me and should matter to you too will just see LaLa in costume. When you’re on stage or TV we still think you represent us and your true self. Showing your tits, banging a next man and what not (something  you wouldn’t personally do) are you mad. You think we will say your character did it? Nahhhh YOU DID IT and now we your family are all hurt and have to return to  the community (which you’ve decided to ignore). Return with shame, all because you decided you don’t care how we’ll feel or how it looks in the circle we actually socialise in. I said it before its your decisions. Morally it ain’t wrong, that’s subjective I guess. However it hurts you chose career, the popular opinion and what all them strangers will like, over how we your family will feel over this shame.
This whole time I’ve stressed this woman showing her tits sleeping with a boy half her age but it also applies to men too. It applies to anybody suddenly doing an act on film that would be considered wrong and hurtful to their people at home. If LaLa Anthony was a stripper there would be no problem here because her people wouldn’t consider it wrong. I mean this post isn’t even about their break-up, I don’t know what factors had what effect and I don’t care but hearing hot 97 act like its normal having your partner do these things on TV  is an opinion I reject in Nneji’s name Amen .  I mean If my wife died of cancer and I then saw our son in a film bad mouthing and laughing at cancer patients, it would hurt. If I was eating my wife’s best friends booty like groceries in a film,  both just acting in a play. I’ll expect her to feel a type of way. It’s just an act doesn’t work if we are family

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