Honest Hard work Isn’t Everything. Only to Peasants

My theory is summed as [wisdom + luck = success]. From a young age we keep getting taught that honest hard work is the key to making it in life. An ideal which is good but is sooo inadequate. Its a peasants way of thinking. Being a peasant isn’t wrong but in this world everyone likes to think big. Hardwork isn’t enough to get anybody anywhere. preaching about honest hard work is a mentality that will make a common labourer take pride in their position and be at peace with what they do. However I grew up with dreams like everyone else and I learnt the hard way that there is a list of ideals that are missing for anyone else who wants to think big. I refuse to believe that steve jobs works harder than my auntie(farmer) in the village. These are the other ideals i will definitely teach my juniors/kids/apprentices/(anyone am showing the ropes in life). I’m young too so I’m still reminding myself of them.
1 Exploit (not extort) every opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes I see people put unnecessary pride in the way of an opportunity. resources are limited in this world so you must use them however they come. The whole idea of a market is people trying to exploit each other so that wealth is distributed their way. Don’t think that all the people you look up to got there with the same honor your trying to keep. Don’t ever feel bad for taking money where you can. you must be aware that its dog eat dog and a food chain too. all the big companies exploit us with their systems and contracts. big companies literally have meetings on how to exploit the lower people. don’t feel bad to do the same. This is a tricky one to talk about. am having to hold back because the line between exploiting and extorting is thin and its drawn differently for different people. but yo accept charity that comes your way bargain at the market where you can, if you have a chance to get into something good go for it it doesn’t matter how the chance came about
2 Networking is sooo important. you should make it a general rule to get peoples numbers as soon as you can. opportunities wont always find you and they are very hard to find. So make your team bigger networking brings up your chances by so much. stacking the numbers increases your team as well as your market. we all know its important to control as much of a market as possible. instagram girls get money for having so many followers because companies know they have a large market in the name of followers. Networking also raises your status. affiliation goes a long way. having the right people and the right amount of people vouching for you will always open doors

luck  is something beyond control but its very important to be aware of its existence to know that everything wont be under your control sometimes against you but sometimes luck is just there. people out there are winning the lottery getting millions from a £2 investment (ticket) luck cant be controlled but you can learn to play the odds in life which is called being wise. Intelligence is your ability to learn but thats all so you can be aware of the stakes and odds your playing wiith in life. wisdom is the ability to make the right desicion which in life is just playing the odds some times its 89% a good idea to work hard, sometimes its 75% a good idea to just find an easier way. That’s wisdom so really its all [wisdom + luck = success]
intelligence making the right choices vs your ability to learn

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