The perfect human body/ Forget the gym

there is obviously no such thing as the perfect body

your body reflects your lifestyle.

Being completely overweight tells a story of laziness and giving up.

Being super skinny tells me a story of constant failure to eat

You should be looking at your body from a practical perspective. the attraction comes after. eg perfect for running, perfect for tennis, dancing, labouring etc

You are an individual with your own journey and story which reflects on your body. don’t get caught up in comparing yourself. finding a hierarchy in a subjective matter is never proper.

the general attractive look is to look healthy. you gotta live it to really look it. everything else is subjective and comes from many different perspectives

If you wanna aim for a look go for a look that represents success heroism

Am proud of my lifestyle and journey so I don’t need  a gym to give me a different body. If I try to lose weight its so i can run faster and be quicker. If i gain muscle then you know I was going hard in sport and eating well when am lazy it goes away slowly. I’ve never found the gym fun. i guess because i don’t care about looking buff, just on performance. so i have no goals in the gym its just the most boring sport in my eyes. i chase the sport (practical body). when am in the gym ever its to run cos i wanna be quicker, faster on my feet. That’s my mentality, I’m the best so that’s the best mentality

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