I Hated the Story of Abraham†

Is it really okay to kill your son if you think god told you to? Why do we celebrate his act in primary school?

The story of Abraham really used to make me question faith,  from childhood. I hated this story as a child maybe because I was a child too. I mean whenever a person watches a movie or hears a story, it is natural for them to place themselves in that story. giving  themselves a point of view within that scene. Probably why in great films like harry potter for instance. They star an ordinary boy who turns out to be extraordinary. It’s just amazing how comfortably my school teachers told me a father laid his son down like meat for slaughter just because of a voice in his head. Maybe I’m different but as a kid, I received that as my first horror movie. I couldn’t help but think how I almost died because of my fathers questionable priorities, his participation in a game God decided to play and because I was too weak as a child to runaway or fully understand my fathers intentions. Indeed this was horror to me but my teachers delivered it with smiles. Concentrating on the faith behind this act and making him sound heroic. I always wondered; What if God didn’t stop him, what opinion would we then have of God. What if it wasn’t even God in his head. Why was he being faithful to something telling him to kill his son. Where was his love for the son. Was it really faith or just fear and cowardice. Wouldn’t we also praise him if he had said no. Wasn’t ‘no’ the right answer. Was it okay to kill as long as you think God told you to do it….. ‘??????????????????’ to all of these questions that shot through me

I didn’t see him as a man of faith but a weak man who followed instructions. I never understood why this was looked at as model behaviour. I shoved those feelings under the rug cos I was also a kid following instructions. My teachers were never wrong and their smiling meant there’s probably an explanation and I just didn’t understand.

I see this clip and realise nothing has changed. I have always felt the same way about this story and some other stories too. They ain’t the same but this clip paints the same picture for me till this day. God/book giveth joy and God/book taketh but have faith and follow him no matter what direction he’s going. I mean this clip didn’t create this feeling  at all but inspired me to write about it.
I dunno maybe i need to sit with someone on this topic who can explain to me why this is okay. At the moment I feel like we are told these messy stories as kids so that by the time we are independent thinkers it would be so normal to us that we don’t question them objectively because it semi worked on me for a while. I questioned it but still shoved it under the rug. I wonder how others felt about this story as kids.

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Death is Sweet and Murder is Mercy

Dear Christian

I heard that the fear of death made you heed warnings of Karma and believe in an after life. Is this root of why you’re truly religious? I’m not here to say you’re wrong to believe in your religion. You are definitely wrong, however, for fearing death. It actually disgusts me because it exposes you as a fraud.

Years of using the phrase “Rest In Peace” yet not a single part of you has ever believed or yearned for the merciful, glorious and luxurious peace, brought unto us only by death. By my definition, that makes you a heathen against mankind and nature. When you slept last night you were dreaming for about 5% of the time the other 95% was blissful stress-free peace. You had no worries no strife everything in life meant nothing. All you hopes dreams aspirations and even loved ones were wonderfully forgotten. You were still and peaceful with nothing to work for.

Refusing to accept death as the biggest gift to mankind iss one thing but pretending as if death is punishment is too far. I’ve never seen a dead man suffering. Suffering is a living mans concept. Pain is a living mans concept. I would never shoot my enemy in the head. That instant-kill-luxury is reserved for loved ones or people who mean nothing to me but are obstacles. I finally understand why the action hero is comfortable killing the villains guards who are innocent men with wives and kids, yet struggles to just quickly end the life of the evil mastermind. Death is mercy and can never serve as a win against your enemy. Torture them, crush their ideology, drag out their suffering and savour it.


P.S. I dont wanna hear ‘rest in peace’ again, from the non-believers of deaths bliss

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