I tell you what makes me sick. its the idea that if i was burning in a building with a kid and only one can be saved…. it wont be me. People mean well, but they have it backwards VERY backwards trying to protect innocence.  they see the innocent child  as the biggest victim automatically. Its wrong yes wrong. If somebody should die why not the baby the lil kid. the thought of a child being scared is so moving kmt what makes you think i’d be more accepting of death. If anything a child will be more accepting of death. being innocent means they will be less afraid than I am. other reasons you should save me are

  • I’ve lived longer and so am more attached to the world around me. Fear of leaving will hurt more
  • If i die I will be heavily mourned by everyone I’ve met and affected in life. Way more so than a baby
  • Kids arn’t really good or bad they are innocent vessels full of potential to be good or bad. however I’m already a good guy so please place your bet on the winning odds and keep me instead of the kid who could turn into bin ladin bcos his near death experience after you save him
  • similar to one but i’ve begun way more projects (like a family) that would be harsh to just end unlike a kid who’s still sailing through life
  • A kid is way more replacable. when you mourn a babies death. you dont care about your baby tht much wht hurts is the trauma of a babies death. You wont miss ur child tht much. Easier to make another child than another me

I think its just natures way. we’ve been programmed to care more for the young people the ppl we are responsible for. I thinks thats the whole reason humans have this sympathy that gives power to victims. when we see a victim we see our selves as their parents in a way but on a different level thts just a theory. i need to read more into the psychology but am just saying its more reasonable rational logical to save me over a kid so please doo

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I am nobody incarnated/personified
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