I think am gonna end up homeless even with my degree

men and women some people more than others we all have our pride that we stand by. Yes I included women too. We men are known for our egos but that’s because we express our pride In the most simple and obvious manner unlike women who to me are more likely to be complex. Anyway I was just assessing my life and deciding the likely positions I can find myself in, in the near future. Every time I try to predict my future I keep coming up with homelessness. I’ve accepted that my pride is so stupidly high that. If I ever go abroad or basically live away from home trying to make it in life and i fail, It will be over. I know myself and know that I’d rather live on the street than go back to my loving family or friends to tell them i failed and that i need looking after. Never. worst thing about pride is that being self aware doesn’t make a difference, all it does is add to the shame of the situation. So yeah if it comes true Its on record that i saw it coming. (which only makes it worse). Am gonna give a man on the street some money for good karma

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I am nobody incarnated/personified
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