No Premature Preeing(stalking on social media)

After 5months into the relationship, I finally allowed my girl to add me on snapchat.

Call me old school but I still find online dating extremely weird. It would be nice to see what a sociologist thinks about how having our lives online has changed the dynamic of reltionships with our friends and our partners when dating. Am actually writing this post in response to my friend. She’s asking on behalf of girls why we aint fast to add them to our social media and what we’re hiding  Guys on Facebook

First of all I think its weird how in just a few years social media has changed us and this is now an “issue”. Like it was said in her post people use social media very differently. When its for networking they add people willy nilly but when they have their whole persona on it they add with caution.  That caution is approached differently be different people some will only have you as friends if you know them personally or mutually, for some its as long as we’ve met and for some its only if you’ve earned it by knowing  them well enough and joined their more inner circle of friends. When you meet a girl you like she may not meet the criteria especially if you’re an inner circle kinda guy

My social media is my snapchat. Facebook is just a networking place where i share stuff but snapchat! Thats a whole persona. Friends on my snapchat get a huge personality from me and those that are on it are ready to receive that personality because they know me well enough or their friends whose opinion i just dont give fuck about.

With my girl. I blocked her immediately. I didnt wanan add her no way. I want her to get to know me yes but I wanted to be in control of how that  happens. Naturally like the good old days I made her learn about me in person like all those other friends did. Cant have her preeing my life on snapchat. Knowing my habits before hand, knowing my hobbies before i can show them too ya. Knowing the stories of my life before i get to tell ya. Thats hella weird to me. 

When you meet someone for the first time. People say be yourself but no one ever is. We all put on a front cos we wanna be liked then slowly bring out are nature more as we get comfortable. I cant be acting smooth and kind the first few weeks when she already has me on snapchat acting like a nigger/roadman/LAD/Gangster or any other persona i might have decided to throw on snapchat. An option would be to behave on snapchat but I aint about to changer a whole persona on my main online platform just for a stranger i like. She probably didnt like it but i told her why and it felt right to me.

End of the day I’m just me so I cant answer for all guys in the guys on facebook post but this is one answer. In my case I was happy to tell my date that I aint havibg you on my social media cos I’m crazy like that. Other people will definitly just try to avoid and hide pretending theyre not users or delaying the friend request on facebook. Dont get it twisted though, just like you we wanna pree too. Peak behind them curtains to the extent that people will join facebook just to check up on girls not to add friends n share posts. 

Is what it is but bottom line is that we rather tell you are story than you finding out first online. Its only natural. Orrrr we might just be hiding the fact we’re married 😛

Something strange is going on and I’m not the only one to wonder about this. The question is, what is it with guys on Facebook? Facebook is a strange place, and people use it differently, I g…

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  1. Bet they are alllll married. 5 months really? That’s long!!!

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