Just thinking about evolution and its direction now

The world is getting harder to live in. The challenges have become so complicated too. Limited resources leading to war, extreme poverty and exploitation. I say we have an ultimatum we let nature kill off the week. or we make the conscious decision to have less kids like china. Many people don’t realize that evolution in this world is up to us too. I bet if technology gave birth to a perfect Artificially intelligent robot with progressive ideas, we will see age of ultron. It will make the decision for us

Evolution is wonderful. species birthing from other species creatures adapting physically to the world and its ever changing environment. millions of years waiting for the right mutations to come along and set pace for a new chapter and species. As humans we’ve pretty much put the brakes on old fashioned evolution. As humans we’ve come out on top in the animal kingdom dominating most animal species (Still deciding if parasites count in dominance) and we’ve done this by evolving our brain instead of claws and teeth. In fact when mutations do occur we see them as freaks or don’t notice them. Our ability to learn and counter every challenge relying less on our physical features but more on tools and cunning moves. This means that the old evolution we read about is very unnecessary and as we see the evolution today is the advancement of our technology and medicine and behavior. If an Alien was watching from a distance it probably wont notice this change or evolution. Alien who am calling bob has watched the earth go form rock and sea to ice ages all over to desert to trees and now buildings. Bob will think its the same old earth always changing its landscape.

However we cant keep patting ourselves on the back because our brains are not perfect and they cant solve everything in time. Old fashion Evolution is happening to other things around us. To a bacteria we humans are mother nature and as we keep evolving our drugs, bacteria keeps up using old school evolution. Our medicine is allowing the weaker people to stay in the gene pool and it is keeping people alive way too long. Evolution sees man over populating this world where resources are limited and it tries to help by bringing in disease and more. we are too human to agree to the decline of medicine so i say the next step in human evolution should be to popularize the idea of adoption or having less kids. we need less people Since we arnt ready to killem off lets stop creating so many. Idea of kids is to prolong human existence. Since life expectancy has doubled we need to reduce the kids. Orrrrrrrrrrrr find more planetary land and build more economies

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