I Hated the Story of Abraham†

Is it really okay to kill your son if you think god told you to? Why do we celebrate his act in primary school?

The story of Abraham really used to make me question faith,  from childhood. I hated this story as a child maybe because I was a child too. I mean whenever a person watches a movie or hears a story, it is natural for them to place themselves in that story. giving  themselves a point of view within that scene. Probably why in great films like harry potter for instance. They star an ordinary boy who turns out to be extraordinary. It’s just amazing how comfortably my school teachers told me a father laid his son down like meat for slaughter just because of a voice in his head. Maybe I’m different but as a kid, I received that as my first horror movie. I couldn’t help but think how I almost died because of my fathers questionable priorities, his participation in a game God decided to play and because I was too weak as a child to runaway or fully understand my fathers intentions. Indeed this was horror to me but my teachers delivered it with smiles. Concentrating on the faith behind this act and making him sound heroic. I always wondered; What if God didn’t stop him, what opinion would we then have of God. What if it wasn’t even God in his head. Why was he being faithful to something telling him to kill his son. Where was his love for the son. Was it really faith or just fear and cowardice. Wouldn’t we also praise him if he had said no. Wasn’t ‘no’ the right answer. Was it okay to kill as long as you think God told you to do it….. ‘??????????????????’ to all of these questions that shot through me

I didn’t see him as a man of faith but a weak man who followed instructions. I never understood why this was looked at as model behaviour. I shoved those feelings under the rug cos I was also a kid following instructions. My teachers were never wrong and their smiling meant there’s probably an explanation and I just didn’t understand.

I see this clip and realise nothing has changed. I have always felt the same way about this story and some other stories too. They ain’t the same but this clip paints the same picture for me till this day. God/book giveth joy and God/book taketh but have faith and follow him no matter what direction he’s going. I mean this clip didn’t create this feeling  at all but inspired me to write about it.
I dunno maybe i need to sit with someone on this topic who can explain to me why this is okay. At the moment I feel like we are told these messy stories as kids so that by the time we are independent thinkers it would be so normal to us that we don’t question them objectively because it semi worked on me for a while. I questioned it but still shoved it under the rug. I wonder how others felt about this story as kids.

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Skills and Bills

I was scrutinizing a bible story in my last post. Nothing to do with thst post but have you heard the parable about talents? cos bible got that spot on.

Sitting next to this lovely on the train today. Well I don’t know if she’s lovely. She might be a total bi#$* but she was knitting; that was nice. The knitting seemed like so much effort though, and its a skill I almost learned when I was younger. I just thought it was so cool she was using a skill that I don’t have. The same love/envy I feel when people speak a foreign language around me. Skills are such an important part of the character you’re playing in this life movie. Has me thinking about the skills I failed to pick up, skills I lost, and ones I never use. Hands up if you have a keyboard collecting dust, stopped playing a sport you like for no reason, used to write poetry but stopped or anything similar. If your hand is up, I am better than you. 

Yeah I said it I am Negend and I have changed my ways done so for a while now. It didnt actually atart today. I’ve been tired of this life busting my gut, learning new skills that arent Negend. Going to uni, doing grad jobs and studying while slowly detatching my self from who I really as I neglect all my other skills. My 20+ years of life was not a waste  I wanna learn these generic career skills too but  I will no longer waste the other skills I’ve picked up over the years; comedy, music, sport, filming, creative writing etc. Why do only a small percentage of us see these as viable skills and then another percentage of us who have them don’t and supress them to be accountants, doctors, only.

| : : : .m|l:m.r:-:-.f|s:m.r:-:-.m|f.m:r. : : |

A sound I’m working on

You see thats solfa notation. I read and write music by ear. Very good skill, took a year+ to learn but I haven’t used it in 8 years. My reasons are silly; most people (the world in fact) use staff, I’m not a musician and I don’t wanna lose focus of career goal. Rubbish all rubbish but like I said, I’ve changed my ways. I sing more and make music as well as go to work. Thats one of many skills that make me who I am and I’m proud of it. I don’t wanna die known as just the IT guy who had a few kids. Thats not what I signed up for. I wanna drop a mixtape, make waves with my dodgeball team, make fun videos, fun games and maybe complete a rollerblading marathon.

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‘Its Just an Act’. Doesn’t Work if we Family

Lala Anthony you did Camelo wrong too. (Video)

I just watched this hot 97  clip with shanni being shut down cos hes tryna be smart and silly. The topic wss LaLa and camelos marriage break up. Shanni was trying to say it could be her fault – a domino effect from her sex scene in ‘Power’ the tv show. The idea is foolish the way he’s suggesting it cos that wouldnt make it her fault. If camelo felt a way he should have said, he still chose the wrong path to cheat. I dont really care about their relationship to be honest. Shannis idea was absolutely sound though. For some reason they refused to hear him out. Laura and co were saying “Its just acting”. Erm just acting ?

This interview really had me bugging. Hearing them shout she’s acting like therefor its ok….. huh? Absolutely not! you must be on something. You have the right to make your own choices but your choices affect me and you can’t expect me to have public opinion on this. My wife, this radio personality I married, showing tits on camera. Hell No, unacceptable, you wronged me first and you violated. Having sex on camera, my wife in a popular tv program. F#&* off…. You not with me? Ok

I wanna play a game. Would you rather (must choose one no but or ifs)

 sleep with a goat once (medically clean in this case) and nobody finds  out ever


You don’t sleep with a goat but due to a video or someone lying about you, the world thinks you slept with a goat and bring it up every once in a while.

Personally I’ll close my eyes think of J lo and rock that she-goats world. The point is though, you had to think about it cos both situations are just as bad as the other. Living with what you are or what people have decided you are. What I’m saying is, if it looks like cheating smells like cheating to me and to the world, then you have cheated. It will hurt me the same whether i know its acting or not. Do you really think that when i see you on the screen i see the character you’re playing cos yu changed hair style and wore different clothes?

Which is my next point. I’m your husband so the ‘thespian’ thing is absolute bullocks. The world will see you as the character. I will see my wife being someone else. I’m not alone by the way. Your child will see mummy pretending to be this but its mummy. Your parents their daughter and your friends, our friends whose opinions matter to me and should matter to you too will just see LaLa in costume. When you’re on stage or TV we still think you represent us and your true self. Showing your tits, banging a next man and what not (something  you wouldn’t personally do) are you mad. You think we will say your character did it? Nahhhh YOU DID IT and now we your family are all hurt and have to return to  the community (which you’ve decided to ignore). Return with shame, all because you decided you don’t care how we’ll feel or how it looks in the circle we actually socialise in. I said it before its your decisions. Morally it ain’t wrong, that’s subjective I guess. However it hurts you chose career, the popular opinion and what all them strangers will like, over how we your family will feel over this shame.
This whole time I’ve stressed this woman showing her tits sleeping with a boy half her age but it also applies to men too. It applies to anybody suddenly doing an act on film that would be considered wrong and hurtful to their people at home. If LaLa Anthony was a stripper there would be no problem here because her people wouldn’t consider it wrong. I mean this post isn’t even about their break-up, I don’t know what factors had what effect and I don’t care but hearing hot 97 act like its normal having your partner do these things on TV  is an opinion I reject in Nneji’s name Amen .  I mean If my wife died of cancer and I then saw our son in a film bad mouthing and laughing at cancer patients, it would hurt. If I was eating my wife’s best friends booty like groceries in a film,  both just acting in a play. I’ll expect her to feel a type of way. It’s just an act doesn’t work if we are family

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Alexis Sanchez you’re leaving?

You’re literally the only ray of hope when we face tough opponents but I think it has actually become the most selfish thing ever, asking you to stay in my club

Alexis. I’m assuming you’re leaving arsenal soon and with every right to. Nobody blames you since you’ve done so much for us. You are officially bigger than the arsenal club right now, a player that is bigger than a top tier premier league team. Liverpool (3-1)Arsenal  was the biggest proof of that. Apparently as punishment, the manager of this big club decided it was necessary to bench you our undisputed best player right now. Nobody knows what Wenger was thinking, what I do know is the result. Arsenal in the first half looked like Leyton orient losing 2-0 but subbing you in  later showed the world what it means when a player really carries a team. you made a goal for us after ten minutes and lifted the team. Who says Wenger ain’t petty, maybe he subbed off both our goal scorer and biggest aerial threat to ensure we still lose just to reduce your impact on the scoreline. I say that because all that came of this whole “punishment” was giving you all the leverage. You must be walking with a spring in your step, laughing with your agent right now. You give a 200% on the field doing the work of more than two people but you look around and see people who are playing SHIT!! its not healthy. You’ve been patient enough, I understand if you go. I still and will always love you. You’re literally the only ray of hope when we face tough opponents but I think it has actually become the most selfish thing ever, asking you to stay in my club. Cos if I was you i’d take the chance to visit other cities or cash in at china.



P.S if you dont stay for me stay for this guy click here he needs ya he is hurting baaaddd

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Did I love the wrong woman ( nicki minaj )

I love nicki minaj but the way Remy ma’s bars are setup…

ShETHER hottest diss track out remy disses nicki minaj

I’ve been a fan of nicki minaj for a while. She was an acquired taste but i learned to love her. Remember the first time I saw her on my TV screen without all the weird costume and make up. I had no idea she was so pretty. Had me hooked from then even making me accept the plastic surgery.
Enough of that. Remy destroyed her. Deaaddd. Remy came like a reaper with just bars. Checkout the shether diss track in your own time. All you need to know is that its 6mins of “fuck nicki minaj, you are not the rap queen and you are a fake ass bitch “. I love nicki but the way Remy ma’s bars are setup am back on the fence sitting down wondering if I was wrong to love nicki minaj.

The whole diss track was filled with bars and usually bars are just bars they’re painful but yu can bounce back. However, one bar chamged my whole opinion on nicki forever and has me questioning the woman I love. Remy ma spoke nithing but truth when she said

Dont point fingers like am the bad girl, She the one out here misleading the black girls, all these fake arses influenced by that girl, dying from botched surgeries what a sad world”

My blind love for nicki vanished immediately not only is it true but nicki actually boasted about influencing these girls before and I hate her for it

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No Premature Preeing(stalking on social media)

After 5months into the relationship, I finally allowed my girl to add me on snapchat.

Call me old school but I still find online dating extremely weird. It would be nice to see what a sociologist thinks about how having our lives online has changed the dynamic of reltionships with our friends and our partners when dating. Am actually writing this post in response to my friend. She’s asking on behalf of girls why we aint fast to add them to our social media and what we’re hiding  Guys on Facebook

First of all I think its weird how in just a few years social media has changed us and this is now an “issue”. Like it was said in her post people use social media very differently. When its for networking they add people willy nilly but when they have their whole persona on it they add with caution.  That caution is approached differently be different people some will only have you as friends if you know them personally or mutually, for some its as long as we’ve met and for some its only if you’ve earned it by knowing  them well enough and joined their more inner circle of friends. When you meet a girl you like she may not meet the criteria especially if you’re an inner circle kinda guy

My social media is my snapchat. Facebook is just a networking place where i share stuff but snapchat! Thats a whole persona. Friends on my snapchat get a huge personality from me and those that are on it are ready to receive that personality because they know me well enough or their friends whose opinion i just dont give fuck about.

With my girl. I blocked her immediately. I didnt wanan add her no way. I want her to get to know me yes but I wanted to be in control of how that  happens. Naturally like the good old days I made her learn about me in person like all those other friends did. Cant have her preeing my life on snapchat. Knowing my habits before hand, knowing my hobbies before i can show them too ya. Knowing the stories of my life before i get to tell ya. Thats hella weird to me. 

When you meet someone for the first time. People say be yourself but no one ever is. We all put on a front cos we wanna be liked then slowly bring out are nature more as we get comfortable. I cant be acting smooth and kind the first few weeks when she already has me on snapchat acting like a nigger/roadman/LAD/Gangster or any other persona i might have decided to throw on snapchat. An option would be to behave on snapchat but I aint about to changer a whole persona on my main online platform just for a stranger i like. She probably didnt like it but i told her why and it felt right to me.

End of the day I’m just me so I cant answer for all guys in the guys on facebook post but this is one answer. In my case I was happy to tell my date that I aint havibg you on my social media cos I’m crazy like that. Other people will definitly just try to avoid and hide pretending theyre not users or delaying the friend request on facebook. Dont get it twisted though, just like you we wanna pree too. Peak behind them curtains to the extent that people will join facebook just to check up on girls not to add friends n share posts. 

Is what it is but bottom line is that we rather tell you are story than you finding out first online. Its only natural. Orrrr we might just be hiding the fact we’re married 😛

Something strange is going on and I’m not the only one to wonder about this. The question is, what is it with guys on Facebook? Facebook is a strange place, and people use it differently, I g…

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Bid starts at £500,000 *MOB*

Put your money where my mouth is

Straight up I want a half millon minimum. I need someone to just hand it to me. I aint got time stressing about passionless jobs and 9-5’s. Its just half a million or more nothing big. Oh sorry have you not heard of me? I am Negend I’m actually that good. If the world was set up right I’d be a god right now. I wanna play dodgeball, football, ping pong, squash and tennis at the same time Not worrying about 9-5. I want to increase  my fanbase on snapchat since people are already hooked on my videos and antics. Just gimme between half a million to 2million thats all. Are you really gonna let my musical talent go to waste are you kidding me. Psshh thats the greatness i will give to you guys  once i can afford time but heres what hapoens when its time to spend

I an gonna impact the world. I will manipulate it like a God. 2million aint a lot i should be asking for billions but i’ll stick to being a demi God and Manipulate a town. Am gonna deliberately  invest in certainly places just to take over am gonna do some crazy antics like give out free motorized wheelchairs for disabled and elderly. But them wheelchairs are all gonna have big  gold signs on them saying “Negend [insert your name here]” people will know me and know me well by force. Am gonna use the practice and go nigeria pick any old coutry village turn it to Negendshire. Gonna provide  so many amenities and include staff on payroll to keep it up to scratch. Am gonna give it a market and tourist centre to make it more self sufficient. I will be the god of this town.

Kmt I could be selling you an item and just overprice it and acquire the money through business but forget that am straight to the point. I need someone to put  their money where my mouth is, its  not hard. i do this stuff already just give me money so i can do it big. Buying  million dollar cars is rubbish, Buy me instead. Everything i do with money you get to feel like a god and say you created that and i  wont deny yu that pride n glory. I’ll do a roller blading flash mob in your honour as my first act. I’ll organise my bladers cos thats another awesome thing your sponsoring. I’ll terrorise places -within the law of course- using my blading squad and create a presence a wave and a movement

Yes so basically its as simple as contacting me so i can tell you how to transfer the money to me. Doesnt take too long add my snapchat frbanj  and from there i will give you more personal info don’t hest  Just donate the million sit back and see what happens over the next few years. Ha i know your curious it will be epic truss. *MOB*

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Its January. For numerous reasons, people are taking the backwards journey, the pagan journey, the homo anti-sapien journey into vegan. Ha! if this title decieved you, then am glad ’cause am on the attack. You guys are wrong on many levels

GODS CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL ARE BEAUTIFUL BUT THEY WERE’NT MADE IN HIS IMAGE You see,what you guys are doing is unholy. Man shall not live by bread alone; gotta have fish with it too. Two fish for every five loaves, thats how the masses should be feeding. Am not even joking here this is biblical. I expect all you christians and muslims to heed the words of jesus and behave yourselves. Don’t worry, in spirit of religion I forgive you all. Just head to your nearest bossman i.e owner of your local fast-food shop and do justice to some good old fashioned Chicken&chips/ Fish&Chips.

Yeah I know. Only half of yall actually care about gospel But y’all aint off the hook. I speak on behalf of the C.O.Cs (community of carnivores). I am pro meat so if you’re saying no to meat you’re against me and I’m against you. I indeed have a bone to chew with you (yh I dont pick bone I chew it. I’m eating everything now burn at my joke let it hurt your eyes). Why would you do this to yourself seriously?. Mankind for millenias has survived on meat. Our bodies are designed for it. Why you purposely setting yourself backwards. Now your tryna substitue all that nutrition your missing with trash food. So many vegetarians are fat. Cos your all removing the good delicious stuff and replacing with crap. Even a cow needs six stomachs and re-chews to digest veg. We are human, we are glorified, we are kings of the land and top of the food chain. The cow eats the veg on my behalf so that I won’t have to and neither should you. I wish you vegans would try this nonesene in africa. In my village they’ll shun you. All you inner-city kids keep coming up with these rubbish lifestyles. Stop it. Arrghh and fashion is picking it up. I mean theres nothing wrong with fasting you know a temporary abstinence but all these lifetime of fasting nonsense needs to be left for the monks and the priests.

Oh yh and all you gluten free nonsense people should just die off.  Stop giving people stress in restaurants and parties and houses. Stop placing these unnecessary restrictions. People were fine before these silly ideas came along. If its too late for you and your medically conditioned to restrict your diet than that’s your burden and you have my support. rest of y’all should stop giving cooks headache. Mother nature provided it, we’ve survived well on it, now eat

Animals are there to be eaten. Respect them and eat them well. These mindless vessels receive meaning to their existence when they arrive on my dinner plate. I think being in city has y’all spoilt. Attention all animals, If you ain’t helping on the farm or my life then the least you can do is fill my stomach. Pets? ha I dont play with my food. dogs are ok cos you can employ them as  guards, horses as vehicles. cats and spiders as pest control but thats it. rest of yall getting munched even the dog that has stopped pulling his wait he aint safe. Why?? Its how the world is food chain all day baby. GODS CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL ARE BEAUTIFUL BUT THEY WERE’NT MADE IN HIS IMAGE

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Legal Euthanasia Can Work

Moses said it best  ‘let my people go’

If a man wants to go. let him go
If a sane man wants to go. let him go
who are we to say no. let him go
don’t be like pharaoh. let him go

selfish selfish selfish selfish
even if you love him
even if you still need him
even if it makes you look bad
if a man wants to go. let him go

decision decisions decisions decisions
Decisions are all he has left in life
don’t take the last thing he can do in life
human rights! Its his own selfish life
he’s decided its best to end his life

If a man wants to go. let him go
If a sane man wants to go. let him go
who are we to say no. let him go
don’t be like pharaoh. let him go

Careful careful careful careful
this decision is big and permenant
its the right to go and not to hurt
lets give him time lets be certain
And lets get permission from court

Now the judge is aware of  your decision
And your loved ones have said their goodbyes
Lets have a pro doctor give that injection
and without doubts end your suffering and cries









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Never Trust New Airlines

Got on a 3hour flight from gatwick and landed in gatwick 😦

Click to watch snapchat Video

I see myself as a patient person, easy going and not too fussy; MED VIEW ARE THE F@$&#!*ING WORSE. Yeah I said it. I’ve never experienced such terrible service. The lil snapchat video attached above, is a brilliant example of how to maltreat your passengers as an airline. You will watch how faith and hope, is ripped from my soul little by little. If you prefer to read, then hey, am in traffic with plenty of time…. So here’s what happened

I was flying to Nigerian using what seems to be a brand new airline. I didn’t buy the tickets myself, I assumed the reason I was standing in this horrendously long check-in queue, was the honest fact, that it’s the Christmas season and these are the cheapest flights to Nigeria. It wasn’t the biggest deal in the world cos I was going with family so I was in good company and my parents carried the burden of any stresses that came are way.

The airline(MED-VIEW) was obviously deluded to think that aA 10:30pm take off was possible after checking in opened 2hours before. There were upto  600 passengers (double Decker) and by the time we all boarded it was 11:30… So typical of nigerian flights, it was just funny to me.

Plane had everything you expect of a budget airline. Like sardines, it was cramped. Legroom was at the health and safety minimum, recycled seats, no in-flight entertainment but what I didn’t get was the 29 degrees Celsius heat, whose idea was that? Black people, (like most groups tbh,) like to joke about their tardiness – BPT means black people timing so sitting in the stationary plane for an hour with my seat-belt on, had me laughing about bpt. As long as we were to leave soon it would be cool. We were wise enough to book a hotel before our connecting flight in Nigeria, so being late was never a massive problem.

3HOURS WAS A PROBLEM. This heated plane was making life uncomfortable. It was 2am, I should have been sleeping. It was only then when everyone’s patience had run out, that the pilot for the first time, decided to fill us in. Patronizing us like a school teacher first, (cant remember how but he was very rude), he informed us that we actually missed our window to fly out by 2mins a while so we have to get off and board again at 4am

I JUST GOT ON A 3HOUR FLIGHT FROM GATWICK AND LANDED IN GATWICK F$$##&*. Including the lady next to me, This plane was filled with many expirees (humans over 65) many kids and some disabled people. I truly believed that with the mental and physical stress MedView were dishing out, their agenda was death on a plane… Sometimes flights don’t go as planned, its life. However any other airline would have kept its passengers informed on time so decisions could be made or they accommodate you in a hotel. Friend of mine was on a parallel British Airways flight to Nigeria. As if that day was cursed, they also met problems. Something to do with toilet, all i know is that the plane had to u-turn back to the london airport. Unlike MedView BA put them in hotels for the night so that they can try again tomorrow morning.
By 3am I had circled the airports duty free section like ten times.  I wasnt shopping cos shops were infact closed. Trying to keep busy was key because the pilot told us 4am. Everyone had red eyes since it was about 5hours past bedtime. I decided not to fight no longer and trust myself to take a 1hour nap. Alarm was on job  it was 4am I openned my eyes and saw the refreshing sight of white people. I aint got a skin complex. Its just that I’ve been stuck with the same people from 10:30-4am so seeing different humans actually felt like progress. Announcement came for us finally, It was was to let us know that our take off is 6am.

Shops were opened now and with the damage already done, I didnt mind a second go at duty free shopping. At this point I’m wearing shorts, flip flops and I stink for sure. Perfect time to bump into an old classmate, Keshia (Fleur Easts younger sister from xfactor). I played it off well I think. No way was I telling her the suffering I was going through. Finally time to stop spending money and board the plane. 6:30am we were seated and the safety procedure was starting. Felt like the time had come. First time in ages I paid full attention cos I thought a crash is the only way this flight could have gotten worsen. Right after the safety procedure the new announcement came.

9:30am FFS they have pushed it again. Why are we being toyed with like this. 600 lives being screwed over. When it hit 10:30 I started twitching. Emotionless, drained and so overwhelmed with stress that i actually looked calm. Breathing in the concoction of morning breath and bio in the plane plus the sweaty heater that shouldnt be on; 12hour delay so far, an hour nap in 24hours  and counting. Dunno why I still had my seatbelt on at 11:30 but they did a quick check as if something was happening. We finally moved. Left for the airport at 16:30 and I took off 11:45 next day.

I’ll probably use them again shamefully if their price remains 75% cheaper than competition.

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