Skills and Bills

I was scrutinizing a bible story in my last post. Nothing to do with thst post but have you heard the parable about talents? cos bible got that spot on.

Sitting next to this lovely on the train today. Well I don’t know if she’s lovely. She might be a total bi#$* but she was knitting; that was nice. The knitting seemed like so much effort though, and its a skill I almost learned when I was younger. I just thought it was so cool she was using a skill that I don’t have. The same love/envy I feel when people speak a foreign language around me. Skills are such an important part of the character you’re playing in this life movie. Has me thinking about the skills I failed to pick up, skills I lost, and ones I never use. Hands up if you have a keyboard collecting dust, stopped playing a sport you like for no reason, used to write poetry but stopped or anything similar. If your hand is up, I am better than you. 

Yeah I said it I am Negend and I have changed my ways done so for a while now. It didnt actually atart today. I’ve been tired of this life busting my gut, learning new skills that arent Negend. Going to uni, doing grad jobs and studying while slowly detatching my self from who I really as I neglect all my other skills. My 20+ years of life was not a waste  I wanna learn these generic career skills too but  I will no longer waste the other skills I’ve picked up over the years; comedy, music, sport, filming, creative writing etc. Why do only a small percentage of us see these as viable skills and then another percentage of us who have them don’t and supress them to be accountants, doctors, only.

| : : : .m|l:m.r:-:-.f|s:m.r:-:-.m|f.m:r. : : |

A sound I’m working on

You see thats solfa notation. I read and write music by ear. Very good skill, took a year+ to learn but I haven’t used it in 8 years. My reasons are silly; most people (the world in fact) use staff, I’m not a musician and I don’t wanna lose focus of career goal. Rubbish all rubbish but like I said, I’ve changed my ways. I sing more and make music as well as go to work. Thats one of many skills that make me who I am and I’m proud of it. I don’t wanna die known as just the IT guy who had a few kids. Thats not what I signed up for. I wanna drop a mixtape, make waves with my dodgeball team, make fun videos, fun games and maybe complete a rollerblading marathon.

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