What is playing and fun? Cubs of different species fight each other in their young age and do it for fun. I play fought back in the day. Am just saying that a lot of fun is actually a less serious version of war, combat or anything
There’s almost a timeline that you can follow to see how the playground evolved in relation to war
and I see a positive correlation. From the early days of just stick fighting in place of swords, to the playground to xbox. in the playground you’ll see the rocking horses. Horses were used for many things back in the day especially war. I think It is reasonable to think that cowboys and soldiers were the huge reason it was exciting.  You will also see the climbing frame probably older than the rocking chair which acted as a builder of strength and practice for jungle fighting involving close combat and climbing rocky terrain or climbing trees etc things are moving forward vehicles are being used ground and air.  We take it for granted but those movements arnt natural and our body puts in a lil work to handle them. We all laugh at people puking when they go on rollercoasters which is a good example of the kind of movement your taking in an airplane that is being used for combat or a tank being pushed in all sorts etc. kids arnt going on rollercoaster but thank god we go the slide and the roundabout get them used to speed and used to the lack of balance. I haven’t forgotten the swing which is similar to a parachute but also gives u the speed and balance training. Moving forward even further world goes a bit more technical and now kids are only playing xbox and ps4. How similar is that to the kind of controls on the vehicles I’d say that’s great training. Before the consoles we had board games and it didn’t stop us from playing outside we only stopped or reduced when the mode of warfare changed  the correlation is there  when am in the playground I cant help but think that it’s a baby barracks

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