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Drake is actually that guy in these streets. In his battle with chris brown drake showed his secret power. He plays a dangerous game hurting his opponents emotionally. From Rhianna to Kerauche Drake had Chris brown emotionally on the ropes. … Continue reading

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Soldiers, Pawns and kings

The idea of having a feud with someone and then sending out people to fight on your behalf. The whole idea of class, royalty and serious patriotsm, giving you the power and state of mind to send other humans out … Continue reading

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What is playing and fun? Cubs of different species fight each other in their young age and do it for fun. I play fought back in the day. Am just saying that a lot of fun is actually a less … Continue reading

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Grime Needs a war and Skepta murdered

Am not very music inclined but I’ve grown up around three main genres hip hop, Grime and Nigerian tunes. The genre closest to my home in east London which I can always relate to most is grime. I want to see the … Continue reading

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