If your interested in what am interested in heres a questionaire I filled

  1. Favourite Hobby? Changes every week but at the moment its Roller Skating
  2. Kind of fruit are you? weird question. Its either banana cos 😉 ot grapefruit cos it bitter, sweet n sour at the same time
  3. Favourite food? No Idea but know that I’m a carnivore
  4. Favourite film? maybe is Fast & furious 6. I heckled and made everyone laugh in the cinema when the girl died. (at least somebody died)
  5. which celebrity would I be on the opposite sex? my personal queen of hip hop and dance. I’d love to be  missy elliot even with her weight that way I will still fancy girls too.
  6. fav name? I call white guys jeff all the time for no reason. my postman loves it
  7. Fav comedian? Bill Burr and Chris rock for stand up, Key and peele for skits and martin lawrence on tv
  8. Fav artist? Gonna go for justin bieb… i kid ermm MJ, 50cent, Psquare  and Drake.
  9. 4 people at your round table if yu were king? Bill burr, charlamagne tha god, chimamanda adichie  and Lethal bizzle. Cha and bill just get me i love chimamandas Ideals and lethal is just fun n hype.
  10. Name a place I wanna visit? If I’m guarranteed safety I’d go to a war zone Why? Because Its the only place or holiday that isnt basic. Nowadays u can go anywhere
  11. Daytime or night? Am so nocturnal it hurts some times. I love ngihtlife.
  12. first sentence of your book? NEGEND IS GOD, GOD IS NEGEND
  13. fav tv show? I go through Tv shows like they’re nothing. Season 1-3 of boondocks breaking bad and dexter
  14. what animal are you?  My fav animal is the male lion but am actually more of a sly person n sneaky like a snake or a crocodile. Whichever, just know that I am a predator
  15. Are there Aliens? world is so big and the universe is like infinity so probably yeah
  16. last thing you laughed about? joke was too dark to share. am proud of it but some ppl may get hurt lol
  17. After-Life? I doubt it but who knows
  18. Tattoos? I have comitment issues. I cant think of anything worth being put permanently on me. I prefer battle scars. They’re less basic and come with good stories
  19. Favourite book. Absolute Power by By david baldacci (novel).
  20. sea or land? Land all day atleast till my gills  and fins come in. The sea is just for visiting
  21. funniest thing that happened to you? I got put to sleep by a park bench in front of my mates. I tried to do parkour 😦
  22. Favourite colour? black and not for any twisted reason
  23. favourite drink? Supermalt
  24. fav music? I jam to everything but I think top 3 wil be grime hip hop and ed sheeran
  25. fav sport? I do so much sport its unfair to choose one. I’ll say dodgeball cos its unique as a sport
  26. favourite athlete? floyd hands down. An unbeaten record is no joking matter. Having so much haters but shutting em up with a win to hurt em more goooddam



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