• Death is an escape from pain nothing more than an end to this tough journey we call life only people it hurts are those left behind. If you wanna hurt someone, Keep em alive. Killing people only makes sense if they’re in your way not if you hate them. If you wanna kill yourself please consider the people you leave behind (Terrible way to start right).
  • I don’t believe in mans ability to explain the beginning of life or existence its self nor do i believe in a deity. so I think am agnostic open to the idea of the unexplained
  • I like the ideals that come from religion cos they are supposed to promote peace
  • I don’t believe in the existence of Right or wrong. However I believe in my ability to label people just as everyone should. If you do something that affects anything I love directly or indirectly in a bad way then you are bad opposite and you’re good. if not you do you and I’ll do me i have no opinion.
  • the point above means I don’t care about peoples lifestyle choice and whatnot. Ionly care about your religion when it affects me I will not support nor condemn. However, I know making you lot happy will be more peaceful for me so I tend to support more than I condemn
  • I don’t believe in cheating to win but I believe in cheating to not lose.
  • I dont believe in any ultimate purpose in life. except existence itself. everything we do is to keep existing. the reason we have children is because immortality isn’t possible. My children will be living reincarnations of me. i will upload my ideals into them and live happily knowing i get to pass the torch down. life is a very stupid cycle. your born with the purpose of having children that are capable of having children. The idea of heaven sounds boring as hell, life isnt worth it if theres nothing to protect. You cant be happy if yu cant be sad, so i doubt people up there are haappy. lets not kid ourselves, we’re animals too just smarter and living longer than most
  • Victim is a mindset sometimes and thats why its good to feel empowered. you don’t always need to wait for external empowerment,  just stop acting like a victim. Goes for all the minorities of the world too
  • Don’t be ashamed of who you are and then nobody can shame you. even when they try you can just brush it off as their ignorance.
  • If you’re gonna change for somebody, change for someone you love not random people on the street or  change for someone who will do something for you in return. ( dont go to job interviews rachet cos its who you are)
  • the only comfortable emotion is  joy happiness so look for the comedy in things.
  • there is no comfortable level in life. we are programmed to see people on our level as rival and competition so we will always try to grow taller in life if you wanna feel tall focus on people that are shorter than you. but if you do that you may never grow. so the moment you’re happy and comfortable, you become complacent.
  • Yo some of these are gems maybe i am god
  • Trust is hard to mend. even from slander it doesn’t matter what happens there is power in majority so be careful how you let the world perceive you. Dont give ppl reason to accuse you of stuff cos innocent or not its just as bad. once ppl cant trust you. you will never get the benefit of the doubt
  • *MOB* (Mans Ona Budget) I’m a practical person I value things by how much i personally think they are worth to me, not by price tag or peer pressure. for example why the hell should I buy Ralph lauren for £100+ when I’ve never met the guy or have anything to do with him *MOB* hook me up with that cheap top instead. If your my friend and you open a store I will buy your clothes cos I will happily rep my friends or my favourite show or celebrity. *MOB*

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