Friday 13th(Light)

Record of my future last 13days on earth continued from friday 13th(Dark)

Its still 9 days till  I die. Time moved so slow today. Those brownies took a while to hit but man they had me buzzing. Its the end of the day and all I did today was get high. I told my wife it was my dying wish for her to eat brownies with me. I got her good. Shes always been a health and  fitness fanatic. Now ganja has her laughing with me in the living room. She’s probably amnoyed on the inside. Haha thats right I’m still a man and I still have influence. Damn she’s so young and beautifull, it makes me feel lucky to be alive. I wanna keep showing her the world starting from drugs haha. This is nice for now though, sitting with her laughing at peppa pig high off our heads without caring about death…..fuc#¤caring

8 days left.

I am the fuckimg man. I cant walk but I can get up. I mean it can get up. I think I definitely still love my wife. She made me a man last night. Even in a wheelchair I have her on her knees sucking my dick, I am definitrly still king. I didnt even want her too fmdidnt know i could get it up. I thank the drugs. It took the pitiful look from her eye. Maybe what it really took was my self-pity glasses off instead. Today is the day of knew year knew me. You’re just reading right now so you probably cant tell I’m on a helicopter. Thats right, YOLO, I got 8 days and I’m gonna live. Theres literally nothing holding me back anymore. I’m about to land on the yaht I bought last night. I couldve hired it for a fraction of the price but why should I save money, *mob* is dead. I’ve got a kingdom at home but I can make this boat my shrine. I’ll infuse my soul into this boat. People will worship it. I’m in a good space at the moment I dont need the drugs to feel better but cocaine is so sweet to me. I’m on pain killers too, what a mix. I’m in more pain these days. I spend more time in my head than I do being active. I’m not gonna pay it no mind. This boat is my final destimation. Apperently I’m suppoded to be maxed out. They dont know who I am. MO syndrome or not I’m gonna live and leave with a bang….fuc#¤M.O.

7 days left 

Life is so sweet. Why the fuck would anyone commit suicide. Ignorant spoilt brats. Yesterday was a blast. I found somethink out about myself.  I found out that I’m a warrior mentally. I’m not giving up on this. A doctor threw some logic/science at me, told me 13 days is all I have and I accepted it like a victim. I am not a victim I am rich I am a warrior and I a have hope. I will not die on my 13th day. This isthe golden age of medicince and technology. Fu$#dying

Tbc ..

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I am nobody incarnated/personified
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