Friday 13th (DARK)

Days Till I die 

I mean we’re in the month of halloween so why not. In fact its the only way to really do this day justice so I’m gonna go for it.This is a list of events I’d like to happen on my last 13 days on earth.

13 days left.

After running the London half marathon(or any) well at 136 years old. My body has slowly begun to  feel numb and heavy. Age has finally started making its move and I’ve stopped feeling young. I am now in a hospital with my great Grandson who drove me here. I’ve just been diagnosed with a disease called maxed out (M.O) syndrome. I’ve lived my life to the max every year never pushed myself too far but never slacked off. Always active, happy healthy and most importantly lucky. Babies randomly get born and strangled to death by their own umbilical cords. Children drown at sea, die of leukaemia or starve to death in America every day. Teenagers drink themselves to death and get into fatal car accidents. Young Adults and middle aged die of diseases get, into  all accidents and get murdered. Old people wither then fall on their head and die, have heart attacks and get killed off for inheritance. what was I talking about?…. I’m 137 and I don’t know how. My body having stayed at optimum levels has pushed my lifespan to its limit and my days are numbers. My bones have started to hurt and thats why I’m here. 13 days left to live my doctor says……. fuc#∞it

12 days left.

I was crying last night. After punching my grandson and telling him to keep the prognosis to himself, the idiot told everyone. Its all too real. A fool messaged me saying how long and fulfilling my life has been. To hell with that, I don’t want to die I still got moves to make. I’m not a passanger I’m a driver. Why am I expected to come out the car like I’ve reached my destination while everyone else goes off without me. I’ve built an empire of Negends I want to stay and rule it. I didn’t do it for my kids I did it for me. It was always for me. I had kids cos I wanted kids. I made them great people cos I wanted great kids. its the only pyramid scheme I believed in. Have kids who will have other kids. The pyramid scheme is perfect cos the top of the pyramid always gets cut off. I was meant to be the one who broke the system. I’ve had a good 72 years as top of the empire(when papa died). Still being alive and healthy at  102years old had me convinced I was new, evolved  and immortal. This hurts. My 49year old wife looked at me like an old man for the first time since we me 8 years ago. She tried to fuck me out of pittance today. I couldn’t even get it up with viagra. she must be cringing right now. “This baron old woman/whore isnt going in my will.” Why am I saying that? I must be angry…….fuc#∞life

11 days left.

I feel amazing “Yes!”. I’m on the path back to happiness.   I love my great grandchildren especially the one who brought me modern candy today. I feel so much better. Pain is still there but its ok. The painful pain just doesn’t hurt. Forget about death. I’m living now. So much to do. How can I think of dying when this hilarious cat is jumping away from cucumbers. A young nurse followed me home from my doctors appointment today.  They said I should use her if I need help while my wife’s at work. haha what liars they must be. This woman clearly wants this dick I’m dying so it don’t count as cheating. If there’s a time to stray from the straight and narrow its now. I won’t though cos she’s ugly. I’m old yes but I still have taste. Why do I feel so good today, what changed?  I’ve never needed help before do I really need her. Important thing now is that she thinks of me giving her the D. I cant explain right now why I’m grinding on the front door. Nurse must think I’m a psycho. If she wants a psycho I’ll show her one, in fact, its really hot in here. I’m taking off all my clothes. I paid for this house in full in 2035 I have a right to go naked in my house If she has a problem with that then fuck the nurse. Haha I haven’t mis-behaved like this in decades. Is this part of my condition, am I losing it.  I need to keep it together but this feels so great. I need to stop scaring my nurse. She’s actually a nice young lady whats wrong with me? don’t matter. I feel good….fuc#∞nurse.

10 days left.

Modern Candy my great grand daughter gave me right. Yesterday I was higher than a motherfucker. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. I love it. How dare she drug me. God bless her she might have saved my last days on earth. I made a fool of myself yesterday. My wife came back home yesterday but I was out of it. I didn’t have to see that look in her eye like I was a broken machine old worn and finished. I dunno maybe she’s trying to be nice. has she changed or have I. What do I want from her? I think I need her to stop being nice to me. That sounds stupid but I know whatever she is doing I don’t like it. She’s changed or maybe I have. I don’t care  but she’s taking time off work for me. Its been a good 8 years with her. Same age as my first grand child. She made me feel so much younger. Now I just feel disgusting what kind of tramp marries a man in his hundreds. I think she married me for money but I love her I think. I’m still sitting here looking at her. Why haven’t I gotten up yet. I wanna be a man. She’s here to look after me like her child. How did life get like this. I’m Negend. I ran a half marathon not too long ago. Bringing me food like I can’t get it myself. I want the nurse back, she was a stranger at least. Can’t tell what hurts my pride more, my wife and family looking down on me with pity or the wheelchair I’m sitting in right now. I want an erection I wanna fuck like a man and know that I can still claim my kingdom.  M.O syndrome is hilarious. Just like that my lil ache has gone but I cant walk or feel my legs either. I wanna sit and cry but instead I am gonna get so fucking high right now. Give me that sexy modern candy  that that makes me feel good….fuc#∞candy

9 days left.

There is absolutely no reason not to take drugs at my age. I watched my mates go senile but thats not me. I’m have a good fucking time. Haha if I fry my brain and die then its for the best. Its no pain no consequences. My wife kept talking about my legacy, utter rubbish. I didn’t live and work to give a fuc% what people think when I die. Besides, I refuse to go senile like I watched my mates do. Todays candy really helped with pain  its not even candy its modern brownies. I feel mellow, relaxed, and I’m smiling.  I shouldn’t be accepting drugs from my minions. What if they get in trouble…….





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