Did I love the wrong woman ( nicki minaj )

I love nicki minaj but the way Remy ma’s bars are setup…

ShETHER hottest diss track out remy disses nicki minaj

I’ve been a fan of nicki minaj for a while. She was an acquired taste but i learned to love her. Remember the first time I saw her on my TV screen without all the weird costume and make up. I had no idea she was so pretty. Had me hooked from then even making me accept the plastic surgery.
Enough of that. Remy destroyed her. Deaaddd. Remy came like a reaper with just bars. Checkout the shether diss track in your own time. All you need to know is that its 6mins of “fuck nicki minaj, you are not the rap queen and you are a fake ass bitch “. I love nicki but the way Remy ma’s bars are setup am back on the fence sitting down wondering if I was wrong to love nicki minaj.

The whole diss track was filled with bars and usually bars are just bars they’re painful but yu can bounce back. However, one bar chamged my whole opinion on nicki forever and has me questioning the woman I love. Remy ma spoke nithing but truth when she said

Dont point fingers like am the bad girl, She the one out here misleading the black girls, all these fake arses influenced by that girl, dying from botched surgeries what a sad world”

My blind love for nicki vanished immediately not only is it true but nicki actually boasted about influencing these girls before and I hate her for it

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