Bid starts at £500,000 *MOB*

Put your money where my mouth is

Straight up I want a half millon minimum. I need someone to just hand it to me. I aint got time stressing about passionless jobs and 9-5’s. Its just half a million or more nothing big. Oh sorry have you not heard of me? I am Negend I’m actually that good. If the world was set up right I’d be a god right now. I wanna play dodgeball, football, ping pong, squash and tennis at the same time Not worrying about 9-5. I want to increase  my fanbase on snapchat since people are already hooked on my videos and antics. Just gimme between half a million to 2million thats all. Are you really gonna let my musical talent go to waste are you kidding me. Psshh thats the greatness i will give to you guys  once i can afford time but heres what hapoens when its time to spend

I an gonna impact the world. I will manipulate it like a God. 2million aint a lot i should be asking for billions but i’ll stick to being a demi God and Manipulate a town. Am gonna deliberately  invest in certainly places just to take over am gonna do some crazy antics like give out free motorized wheelchairs for disabled and elderly. But them wheelchairs are all gonna have big  gold signs on them saying “Negend [insert your name here]” people will know me and know me well by force. Am gonna use the practice and go nigeria pick any old coutry village turn it to Negendshire. Gonna provide  so many amenities and include staff on payroll to keep it up to scratch. Am gonna give it a market and tourist centre to make it more self sufficient. I will be the god of this town.

Kmt I could be selling you an item and just overprice it and acquire the money through business but forget that am straight to the point. I need someone to put  their money where my mouth is, its  not hard. i do this stuff already just give me money so i can do it big. Buying  million dollar cars is rubbish, Buy me instead. Everything i do with money you get to feel like a god and say you created that and i  wont deny yu that pride n glory. I’ll do a roller blading flash mob in your honour as my first act. I’ll organise my bladers cos thats another awesome thing your sponsoring. I’ll terrorise places -within the law of course- using my blading squad and create a presence a wave and a movement

Yes so basically its as simple as contacting me so i can tell you how to transfer the money to me. Doesnt take too long add my snapchat frbanj  and from there i will give you more personal info don’t hest  Just donate the million sit back and see what happens over the next few years. Ha i know your curious it will be epic truss. *MOB*

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