Never Trust New Airlines

Got on a 3hour flight from gatwick and landed in gatwick 😦

Click to watch snapchat Video

I see myself as a patient person, easy going and not too fussy; MED VIEW ARE THE F@$&#!*ING WORSE. Yeah I said it. I’ve never experienced such terrible service. The lil snapchat video attached above, is a brilliant example of how to maltreat your passengers as an airline. You will watch how faith and hope, is ripped from my soul little by little. If you prefer to read, then hey, am in traffic with plenty of time…. So here’s what happened

I was flying to Nigerian using what seems to be a brand new airline. I didn’t buy the tickets myself, I assumed the reason I was standing in this horrendously long check-in queue, was the honest fact, that it’s the Christmas season and these are the cheapest flights to Nigeria. It wasn’t the biggest deal in the world cos I was going with family so I was in good company and my parents carried the burden of any stresses that came are way.

The airline(MED-VIEW) was obviously deluded to think that aA 10:30pm take off was possible after checking in opened 2hours before. There were upto  600 passengers (double Decker) and by the time we all boarded it was 11:30… So typical of nigerian flights, it was just funny to me.

Plane had everything you expect of a budget airline. Like sardines, it was cramped. Legroom was at the health and safety minimum, recycled seats, no in-flight entertainment but what I didn’t get was the 29 degrees Celsius heat, whose idea was that? Black people, (like most groups tbh,) like to joke about their tardiness – BPT means black people timing so sitting in the stationary plane for an hour with my seat-belt on, had me laughing about bpt. As long as we were to leave soon it would be cool. We were wise enough to book a hotel before our connecting flight in Nigeria, so being late was never a massive problem.

3HOURS WAS A PROBLEM. This heated plane was making life uncomfortable. It was 2am, I should have been sleeping. It was only then when everyone’s patience had run out, that the pilot for the first time, decided to fill us in. Patronizing us like a school teacher first, (cant remember how but he was very rude), he informed us that we actually missed our window to fly out by 2mins a while so we have to get off and board again at 4am

I JUST GOT ON A 3HOUR FLIGHT FROM GATWICK AND LANDED IN GATWICK F$$##&*. Including the lady next to me, This plane was filled with many expirees (humans over 65) many kids and some disabled people. I truly believed that with the mental and physical stress MedView were dishing out, their agenda was death on a plane… Sometimes flights don’t go as planned, its life. However any other airline would have kept its passengers informed on time so decisions could be made or they accommodate you in a hotel. Friend of mine was on a parallel British Airways flight to Nigeria. As if that day was cursed, they also met problems. Something to do with toilet, all i know is that the plane had to u-turn back to the london airport. Unlike MedView BA put them in hotels for the night so that they can try again tomorrow morning.
By 3am I had circled the airports duty free section like ten times.  I wasnt shopping cos shops were infact closed. Trying to keep busy was key because the pilot told us 4am. Everyone had red eyes since it was about 5hours past bedtime. I decided not to fight no longer and trust myself to take a 1hour nap. Alarm was on job  it was 4am I openned my eyes and saw the refreshing sight of white people. I aint got a skin complex. Its just that I’ve been stuck with the same people from 10:30-4am so seeing different humans actually felt like progress. Announcement came for us finally, It was was to let us know that our take off is 6am.

Shops were opened now and with the damage already done, I didnt mind a second go at duty free shopping. At this point I’m wearing shorts, flip flops and I stink for sure. Perfect time to bump into an old classmate, Keshia (Fleur Easts younger sister from xfactor). I played it off well I think. No way was I telling her the suffering I was going through. Finally time to stop spending money and board the plane. 6:30am we were seated and the safety procedure was starting. Felt like the time had come. First time in ages I paid full attention cos I thought a crash is the only way this flight could have gotten worsen. Right after the safety procedure the new announcement came.

9:30am FFS they have pushed it again. Why are we being toyed with like this. 600 lives being screwed over. When it hit 10:30 I started twitching. Emotionless, drained and so overwhelmed with stress that i actually looked calm. Breathing in the concoction of morning breath and bio in the plane plus the sweaty heater that shouldnt be on; 12hour delay so far, an hour nap in 24hours  and counting. Dunno why I still had my seatbelt on at 11:30 but they did a quick check as if something was happening. We finally moved. Left for the airport at 16:30 and I took off 11:45 next day.

I’ll probably use them again shamefully if their price remains 75% cheaper than competition.

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6 Responses to Never Trust New Airlines

  1. Negend, I truly feel your pain during this experience. I can’t believe they made you wait so long and got you all on and off the plane. Love the way you write, I was just laughing all the way through reading this. Great start to my morning, even though you suffered for that. Glad to see you back!

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  2. sheldonk2014 says:

    I had one of those a Christmas horror to Jamaica
    A few years ago
    Great post

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