Drake is actually that guy in these streets. In his battle with chris brown drake showed his secret power. He plays a dangerous game hurting his opponents emotionally. From Rhianna to Kerauche Drake had Chris brown emotionally on the ropes. I doubt he did anything with Kerruchae but drake knew flying her out to canada was enough to burn him. Now he has written a diss track to meek mill. In one verse drake says something that’ll make meek mill clench his fist and start asking nicki minaj jelous questions. something that’ll keep him on edge in his relationship.

rumour has it there’s something that only I know,
rumour has it I steer this shit with my eyes closed,
rumour has it I either fucked her or I never could,
but ‘rumour has it’ has never done you niggas any good.

He goes at meek mill from many different angle but those bars just make you realise, Drake is the guy to use your girl and hurt you bad. Remember drake visited lil wayne in prison to say that he slept with his beloved girlfriend. ouch. Drake is gonna get shot for this at one day if he making his enemies emotional. To anyone in the industry if you’re coming after drake make sure your girl is locked up or don’t exist. maybe he didnt come after diddy cos he couldnt get to his girl

I know the brilliants will feel the exact same way

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