Afro-beats ain’t enough

When I was in Nigeria 2003-2009 the term afro-beats didn’t exist. We had the same genres as every where else. We had our rappers our RnB singers, Highlife music the proper traditional stuff, jazz and reggae. Music was very creative, so many lanes doing well at the same time. Coming back to uk I thought I’d be able to continue that. what I’ve observed is the death of many genres and the rise of afro-beats. I love afrobeats but I miss all the others. It might just be my fault for not doing my research. I’m sure there are still some musicians doing their thing. I just thought I’d give awareness and pay homage to the classic tunes of different genres before the afrobeat wave came in. If your new to the nigerian/african  tunes check these out and more;

calypso/soca i dunno but its got a Caribbean vibe i think: African china

RnB- tuface idibia

Boy bands

hip hop(afrobeats without the autotune)

excuse the quality

reggae/jazz: old skl legend fela. his songs are just long jamming sessions. theres words in the middle some where

highlife: bright chimezie

randoms i wanna put in. first one is like a genre on its own haha


but I cant stand afrobeat raves. pure afrobeats is the worst thing known to man. I wanna here these styles come back

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3 Responses to Afro-beats ain’t enough

  1. The king of afrobeats was the abami eda himself . . . Late Fela Anikulako Kuti.

    He died in 1996 and even then, the term afrobeats existed.

    I think as far back as mid or late 70s if I’m not wrong.


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