law vs morality

I grew up in london then in boarding school in nigeria and then back england I’ve been istitutionalised under very different jurisdiction, norms and values in different places. I always find my self stuck between whats right and wrong. What my moral upbringing considers right what i personally feel and what the law says. Back in the day law made a lot of sense. Religion was law its self and everybody religious. This way everybody was on board. People were also easy to control with the church being in high positions and doctrine being stirred to encourage different practices. The church decided to encourage the fasting or meat during lent in England just to help the fish market. Priests could make a person do labour for free in the name of penance. Religion itself was culture completely, all over the world. Enough of religion though. The law is the big thing here, especially in this modern age where it keeps trying to adjust to the modern morals.

The problem might be diversity.  With religion having so little power worldwide a country isn’t really a country anymore these days. If you take me to court apparently I’ll be judged by a jury of my peers. Ain’t none of those jurors grew up with the same morals as me or lifestyle. In the western world especially, where so many religions are in one place including atheism. How can I be judged by a person with completely different culture and morals. Its like everyone speaks a different language. How can you tell an african parent not to beat their kid. How do you tell a jamaican not to smoke weed. how do you set a legal age for sex and drinking, at what age do you hold people accountable for their actions. we treat 16 year olds as kids but send them to war. 16yr old commits a crime it becomes a debate whether their a juvenile or not.

I don’t really have much to say about the topic Its just an out of box feeling where I stop taking the law seriously. The law is good for a few things but I wont treat it like gospel. I will always do what I feel is morally ok as long as i can get away with it. The whole good and bad to me is just a subjective matter if you’r useful or nice to me or anything that I love then you are good. If opposite you are bad, if not you are none of my business.

Sometimes I think the best thing to do is either find a neutral belief (budhism would be good) and force everyone to follow it somehow, or, make everyone choose which country suits their moral upbringing better and have them move there instead. In america rules change from state to state, they should make everyone choose their state at the age of 21. Make them choose a state that suits their morals n stuff.

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