*MOB* Transport

Mans Ona Budget, *MOB* for life. In your first year of uni you normally find yourself in halls. Due to my parents income, student finance wasn’t very nice to me. My maintenance loan was at the minimum and grants were a myth. My parents didn’t give me any regular pocket money but they paid for my accommodation so everything was cool. I figured as long as am careful, I can just about go through the whole semester. You see in first year when you make plans for your money, you think partying, books, events, society sign ups, things you need in the house, them creps or new jacket your saving up for and most importantly food. I say that’s a reasonable list, add a little extra for emergency money and everything is pretty much covered right? Wrong. I tell you what ate me alive in first year, It were these minor but regular expenses that just didn’t have to be there. I’m talking transport, barbers and the goddam laundry. I thought my budget was made but these expenses told me that i wasn’t on the level of  *MOB*.

The problem with uni in a new city was transport but at first I didn’t notice all of a sudden I was taking cab/bus as if its free just cos everyone else was doing it and because we didn’t really know where things were. *MOB* upgrade came to me when I was at a football match with my mates. We were in some farm and we’d all taken cab. It was a weekly thing on Saturday the cab fair was pretty high too but we were all doing it so I didn’t even question it. We were warming up and out of nowhere the two silhouettes appeared from the distance on the other side of the farm. Blake and blake were late so we joked and thought imagine they walked all the way here. It was blake and blake and they had definitely walked here with smiles on their faces saying this place isnt that far. Immediately they said that my eyes opened and i felt like the biggest prick in the world. I felt robbed and i felt stupid. All this time the cabs were taking longer routes when we could’ve walked easily every week. I love walking too even though its a lil longer. I was mad at myself for getting sucked into to the cab hype. something I’d never do in london. From that day I started learning routes to places and walking cycling and rollerblading whenever i can. Being students we lived close to town so we walked to clubs too. I was spreading my message like gospel and now had a good collective of people who loved to walk everywhere instead of cabbing.

God bless megabus. If you’re a train (nationally) person then your welcome for what I’m about to say. megabus is a god send megabus is the cheapest way to travel by train. before i knew megabus i’d dread going to london as it sucks your last bit of money in the name of train tickets. megabus is sexy. With megabus if you book your one way ticket on the day of its release ~40 days in advance it will cost £1. 2weeks after that is £5-7  a week before its £7-15 and days before its £15-25 when comparing with other sites you cannot lose as long as its oneway. I would book tickets every other weekend for just a £1 back and fourth making it £2, end of term I’d book 3 tickets for £6 so  i can decide later. It was amazing from spending £36 to £2. and if i dont wanna use the ticket I sell it for a tenner or a fiver. If i found no buyer then its a £2 or £1 loss. most of the time i did find a buyer uni connects you to 100,000s of potential customers on just facebook. Thank you megabus pls do not change your ways. because of your brilliance Ive never had to reduce my standards and take a 3hour coach to london like some of my friends do.

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