*MOB* Laundry

Mans Ona Budget, *MOB* for life. In your first year of uni you normally find yourself in halls. Due to my parents income, student finance wasn’t very nice to me. My maintenance loan was at the minimum and grants were a myth. My parents didn’t give me any regular pocket money but they paid for my accommodation so everything was cool. I figured as long as am careful, I can just about go through the whole semester. You see in first year when you make plans for your money, you think partying, books, events, society sign ups, things you need in the house, them fresh creps or new jacket your saving up for and most importantly food. I say that’s a reasonable list, add a little extra for emergency money and everything is pretty much covered right? Wrong. I tell you what ate me alive in first year, It were these minor but regular expenses that just didn’t have to be there. I’m talking transport, barbers and the goddam laundry. I thought my budget was made but these expenses told me that i wasn’t on the level of  *MOB*.

First year i I was forced to pay extortionate prices on  laundry  3/4 times a month £3.50 to wash and dry each time (it felt extortionate). the first 3 weeks I was separating my whites. 3 weeks in  I started counting my money and I began mixing colours.You can kinda tell the clothes that will run. once in a month I’d was my jeans hoodies and dark bedding. I later found out there was a cheaper accommodation. *MOB* I carried my suitcase to their common room and played table tennis while i did my laundry 1 mile(prob less) away from home. I couldn’t wait to move into a house and have my own washing machine.

2nd and 3rd year were good years for laundry but 4th year i messed up. I sorted stuff out very late and found myself in another accommodation that charged for laundry. I refused to have such an annoying expence again. I suddenly remembered who I was *MOB*. At the  age of 12 I was sent abroad on my own to a boarding school in nigeria for five years. I was hand washing for 5 years no complaints why the hell was I running broke cos of a washing machine. I grabbed a tenner and went straight to Wilko. I bought a basin and a clothing rack. I was taking this back to africa. Every fortnight on sunday for the rest of the year I’d pick out a few films and do my washing in my room and my haircut. I’d do it all by afternoon and head to library or whatever. Not much of a story in this to be honest but it felt good using things i learnt during my hardships to help my *MOB* struggle

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