*MOB* is my brand. *MOB* is a cause. *MOB* is s lifestyle *MOB* is empowernent. *MOB* is my religion. After reading this I want you all to represent *MOB* and pass it on like gospel.
*Mans Ona Budget*  a statement like this sounds like someone tryna be cheap. *MOB* is way deeper than that but hey whats wrong with being cheap. Yooooo life is a hustle and am at the warfront. When ot comes to deal Fam its a competition, its pride respect and honour How dare you by the same trainers as me for a cheaper price. I cant habe you winning like that *MOB* I will get a better deal than you. The lack of respect how can someome be cheating me out of my money even if its not signicant. I have my pride, i camt have someone out here walking around knowing he cheated me. This isnt limited to Jeff at the market this goes to the big companies cant have tesco ceo sipping his tea knowing he just charged Negend double the price chilli hot Doritos. When it comes to the market haggle as much as possible and compare the market all times
What the hell is money. Sometimes i hate the concept especially in branding. It’s supposed to represent somethings worth and value. Worth and value will always be subj I refuse to do or pay for something if its not worth it to me. I bet if we had trade-by-barter back instead of momey,  people would open their eyes. Why the hell am I gonna give you my laptop or my bike for a two pairs of shoes just because they’re from Nike. To most people that wont make sense but the market has put the value as even cos of branding and money politics. Obviously to some sneaker heads, trainers are worth it but that’s what am saying, value is very subjective. If people in struggling third world areas valued their diamonds coffee beans or sulphur as much as we did, they wont be found for hours labouring to mine/harvest them for big companies and accepting 0.5% of its worth in the market. *MOB* I’m a practical person I value things by how much i personally think they are worth to me, not by price tag or peer pressure. for example why the hell should I buy Ralph lauren for £100+ when I’ve never met the guy or have anything to do with him *MOB* hook me up with that cheap top instead. If your my friend and you open a store I will buy your clothes cos I will happily rep my friends or my favourite show or celebrity not louis vitton who maybe dead or alive but has never done anything for me. I will by Skates for £80 cos I love skating but dnt put shoes without wheel in front of me and think I’ll also give you £80 *MOB*. I love to walk even when bus is free I’ll use my high eleven (11=legs) so please don’t expect me to take bus/cab with me unless I have a proper reason to save time and energy.

If you have any pride or self respect. you will stop letting people rob you, whether its chicken change or half your savings. Now my *MOB* converts carry the *MOB* flag wherever you go. I guess if you call yourself indie you’re already halfway there. Cheat the system, get that 10p or £10 off, walk past expensive tesco express and head into lidl or aldi or even just the bigger tesco. free pizza in [place]? you better get there 5 mins ago. Use that friend and family discount your mate offered. Forget about the law, If its morally ok then go for it as long as you ain’t getting caught.

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