Sleeping Rough In loughborough, My Second Deadly All-Nighter

If you read my first All-Nighter story you will be very familiar with how I respond to pride and shame. You’re probably shaking your head thinking this guy does not learn. You’re right to believe that cos chances are I’d do it again.However, this is a different story. Pride wasn’t the motivator here It was a mixture stupidity living the moment and bad luck. despite the shame that comes with my stories I never regret the moment and experience especially cos now I get to tell you about another awesome journey of mine.

Term had just finished Exams were over and it was the only few points in my life where I can do anything at anytime and not regret it the next morning boy o boy was I wrong. A lot of friends had gone home the rest of us were partying, still packing and just tryna stay away from mums house that little bit longer. This fateful day was weird. Either everyone was tired of going out or I was the only one left who partied. There absolutely no plans in Nottingham at the time. I holla’d at my boy Blake(fake name fake blake) praying he was still around and got no reply. I accepted that there was nothing happening tonight and got into super comfortable mode. Robe and a film while  messaging some gyal dem. BRAPPP at 11pm Man like Blake called me up MOTIVE. The Motive don came through. we were pretty much a duo now cos this was the third time we backed a last min motive togerther. Check the details though. There was actually nothing going on in Nottingham We were skipping town to Loughborough.

Faster than the flash himself I was ready back in to party mode. I was on it like an addict about to get his fix. The last train Left at  12:30 and we were in town by 11:30. To pass the time and also really feeling this spontaneous moment we went casino. mmm It was like withdrawing from the atm, we’d both acquired enough money to pay for our tickets. I was living the movie I was sooo gassed my head was about to expload. Winning in the casino had to be a great omen to this last min journey we were about to embark on with very Little battery life on our phones. Blake had a friend who lived in loughborogh and had offered to house us for the night after the rave. At 12:10 we ran to the train station. Being the last train all barriers were open so we went straight deciding we can just pay the inspector/conductor/ticket-person. As if I wasnt gassed enough already, I had just secured a free ride to loughborogh cos nobody Checked. I remember blake saying sutting bout his stomach while I shouted out loud “ARE YOU DUMMMBBB” I was in gas mode party mode dance mode chirpse mode addict mode everything mode. Loughborough was very small. we walked around the whole town in 5mins as we looked for the location of the rave. 

Mwuaaaddd The rave wasn’t anything special especially not knowing people but it was live anyway did a lil dancy dance a lil chirpsy chirpse even saw someone I knew from london which was cool once teh rave got locked off it was like that moment you’ve been holding your piss and you finally get to the urinal. That sigh of relief, that feeling of yes we did it nights over lets go to bed. Blake and I decied to go macdonalds first pretty much what everyone did and blake had been feeling his stomach guess he forgot to eat before coming. while in macdonalds we realized our phones were dead. you know when theres heavy turbulence on an airplane and you do that nervous laugh as if to say surely we aint actually fucked right now. It just dawned on us that blakes friend did not turn up to the rave. and dara coudn’t remember his house. Damn the station was far too.

We couldnt stay in macdonals for ever. slowly as the numbers in macdonalds started it to go down we got up and started heading towards the station. we literally followed our instincts. we didnt really know where we were. I mean, who the hell comes loughborough. at some point we swallowed our pride and asked for directions during our dangerous walk. We were actually well on track but it was a question of why were we going to the station? we knew there was no train. Blake was still trying to eat his food as we walked, guess he wasn’t that hungry so best believe I took his  fries and drink. Arriving at the station in this suddenly cold weather were bussing jokes tellling stories. the station was actually locked but we found a back way to climb over calm. Anyone that knows blake knows that unlike me he is a sleepaholic he will sleep anywhere anytime and anyhow(cos standing and sleeping is natural to him). So he suggested we must find a warm place to nap; the Lift! It had that lift smell but we got used to it. Newspapers as our bedsheets we both tried to catch some shut eye. Blake was spitting out zzZZZs immediately. I was comfortable and lost in thought. The thought of feeling so vulnerable at this moment just sleeping in a public place and in a lift. What the hell had happened to this night I wasnt sure if I was happy or not. I liked the idea that this still felt like we were on a mission kinda but it was weird, camping was never on the agenda.

I eventually fell asleep and I remember waking up for 2 mins at a time in the morning as people would use the lift only about 3 people cos it was still 5/6. you’d think 5/6 was good enough but it was a sunday so we had to wait till 9/10. security came and chucked us out the lift. He was kl about it and he directed us to the waiting room he had just opened where we continued our slumber. By 9 Blake and I were ready. we couldnt really fathom everything we were going through. sleeping on the street like this was new to both of us although being stranded was not new to me. It was funny remembering the last time it happend. Train was here and it was time to bounce. another free trip its like they knew the struggle before we did. as we were walking through town in nottingham. (yes we wernt gonna take taxi) blake kept talking bout his stomach thought maybe he needed the toilet we got in and the pain started kicking in he was in pain. He went in the toilet and 10 mins later he was still there. I knocked on the door and i heard him say sdfvbdhbsvstb sounded like he was groaning or suttin. when he came out he sat down still in pain you could tell he’d just puked his guts out. this was weird cos we definitely wernt waved we only had a couple shots. I asked if this was a serious ting like an ambulance ting. with pain in his eyes he shouted yes. he thought they were already on their way. thats what sbgb;xbbvsb meant he had shouted “call the ambulance”. They came. I was excited to ride in an ambulance for the first time. they gave him some sorta gas, laughing gas or morphene maybe to ease his struggle. Hour or more( man fell asleep)  later in the hospital he was disharged  As we walked home I asked wahgwarn. Turns out it was gas 😦 😦 😦 😀 😀 lool tooo funny he had drunk a pint of milk that was about to expire during the day. I went from chilling in my robe watching a film to taking my friend to hospital from a night out. Adventures like this leave a mark on your life am never ever gonna forget this night and i will always be boys with blake for.

Loool reallly didnt expect to write this much. I might cut it down. what do ya’ll think. anyone got a similar story or anything crazy you’ve got into from being spontaneous? let me know

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    Awesome post! Great blog bro!

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