Tennis on roller blades

I’ve always said to people that most activities can be improved with rollerblades. few weeks ago I received my first taste of skating tennis. ITSS SIICCKKK. i played it in the park. sooo many reasons why its good.

  1.  you dont need a ball boy as much. It takes a second to gather any wayward balls
  2. rollerblading is always awesome
  3. gliding to a ball your about to hit is fun
  4. you look awsome without even thinking about it. spining going backwards etc
  5. drop shots are hilarious. you cant react as fast on blades so its more of a challange
  6. positioning and predicting. you gotta predict wher yur player will strike if not it’ll be harded
  7. your taller
  8. it was soo fun i forgot to video so you can actually see what am talking about
  9. its like a cross between wheelchair tennis and tennis
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