Minnions are Mexicans and Xmas Elves are Black Slaves

Immediately i saw them i thouht wow loool. I thought the links were obvious but when I mention them as mexicans not everyone is on board. I bet those people dont even realise christmas elves are actually black slaves. Comedy is tragedy plus time. Its ok to assune tht many fun or comedic things are routed to a source of pain and struggle.
Minions are yellow like mexicans
Minions are hardworking labourers like many mexicans in america
Minions speak a lot of spanish and have mexican tones in their speech
Minions wear jump suits. Mainly mexicans are dressed like tht in america when working

  • Elves are slaves(helpers) to santa claus
  • Santa clause is based on a real person
  • St nicholas was around when slavery was a thing and wasnt even questioned
  • In netherlands they celebrate st nicholas on a different day to christmas google it
  • It features st nicholas dressed like santa in a chariot (sleigh) pulled by horses(reindeer) ready to give out gifts made by his little helpers black petes (elves/black children)
    Google sinterklaas and black petes.
    Parade in holland. A common practice
    The black petes are described to kids as white guys who went down chimneys lool but they all grow up and know the truth. Theres been protests against celebrating the black petes but hey its a fun tradition now so they shud just keep it
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3 Responses to Minnions are Mexicans and Xmas Elves are Black Slaves

  1. miusho says:

    They’re actually not slaves but they represent the children that are saved by saint Nicolas and they repay him by working for him. The fact that they’re “black” is sooth from the chimney. Someone made them African in some book though but that never felt right..

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    • Negend says:

      Nah i believe the chimney thing is something they tell kids to explain the bag, I guess it could still be true too. I didnt know they were slaves that were saved. Restores my faith in santa and in holland haha

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      • miusho says:

        I grew up with the story. 😉 Holland isn’t the only country that has this santa though. 😛 there’s so much stories around this it’s hard to figure it out. 🙂

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