Stop making Robots, they are the Appocalypse

How seriously should we be taking these films about forming the perfect Artificial Intelligence or about advanced technology  or robots taking over our world. How stupid would it be for us to ignore all the hypothetical warnings in the cinema and TV and later get destroyed by our own creations. Just cos its fictional doesn’t mean its based on false theories. We all the know about mans pursuit for knowledge. Lines  need to be drawn though. Luckily from religion we were able to draw a line on human cloning. Am not saying where i stand on human cloning but its curiosity that killed the cat. The process of change is always scary. letting clones roam the world who will own the system who gets to be the lord of life. Sometimes the line has to be drawn because the curiosity just isn’t worth the potential consequences. Religion didn’t quite cover technology and even if it did I doubt it’ll have any power to draw one. Am just saying, with no line drawn plus mans curiosity. This robot evolution is about to happen. If you watch in ascending order Ex Machina, Humans, and the TV show black mirror you’ll learn the potential consequences am talking about. The biggest problem is human population increasing against the increasing replacement of humans  or human interaction with technology. We need a line drawn before we see age of ultron in real life because we dont have the Avengers to save us

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