Grammies Need to remove their hip hop category

Many people in the hip hop scene are always complaining about the grammy awards. Questioning their choices, even going as far to say its racist. They keep saying The industry is tryna put them down or isn’t showing them respect. To me those people don’t make sense. First of lets get one thing straight there is no write or wrong good or bad in music. Its a very subjective thing. People like the music they can relate to or the music that’s imposed on them in their culture friendship group or whatever they are following. Am just saying that hip hop is a genre that was started by a minority, and if you wanna get a good opinion on hip hop you should then go to those people ingrained in the culture. There is no reason we should care about the opinion of the grammies when it comes to hip hop. We shouldn’t be seeking their recognition when they don’t know us. So when they make a decision on who they think is doing well we should leave them to it. Am certain that most hip hop people don’t vote. Its no surprise that certain people do well a majority of america is white. When a white girl sees a white girl rapping for the first time in the industry and she’s decent then  of course she gonna tune in and rock with her. The only reason I rock with hip hop all the way from london is because naturally we are drawn to the people we relate too even if its just by skin colour. Its perfectly understandable for macklemore and iggy to be popping in the charts and to receive grammies.

What should happen is our boys should come back. Now that we have artists who are so big they have been ingrained in american culture we should have them diverting the worlds attention to the BET awards instead. If artists like Jay Z  and more decide to shun the hip hop category in grammies they will bring more eyes to the BET awards They will also raise the status of BET awards. another option will be for the grammies to partner with BET awards for the category. But to be honest none of this will ever happen because  hip hop is no longer a minority no longer a black thing. Its major and its world wide and the people will control it and most people are not hip hop to the core.

eyes should go to bet or the right people. will help hip hop grow
another option will be to change it to a bet category which means

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