Dodgeball is AWSOME

yoooooo Its a Dodgeball hype right now and am not talking P.E. am talking Headshot galore. Am sure most people enjoyed dodgeball or the version of it they played in primary school. Am just saying that especially if your a sporty person, you have not lived untill you’ve given dodgeball a try. we all saw the movie. I enjoyed the movie but after playing competitive Dodgeball under UKDBA (governing body), the film is just a lil taste of the dodgeball hype. I started a year and a half ago. Dodgeball went from being the game i played in primary school to my number one sport which i play competitively. Its like a less painful but more personal form of paint balling. I see it as a martial art. If shit is really going down those quick reactions you’ve gotten from dodging three balls at once will come in handy. the throwing accuracy and power you’ve gained from constant throwing means you can quickly launch any projectile at a lethal pace. Am just saying if someone tries to mug me with a knife i’ll be fast enough to dodge his attack keep my distance I throw the nearest stone at his head cracking his skull so bad i end up calling ambulance for him after i mug him instead.
I’ve got a few videos which I uploaded for my club which are pretty much my highlights and a display of how the game goes with a funny element. the first one especially shows all the rules of dodgeball;

Throw and try hit, if you’re hit you’re out. if you catch a thrown ball that player who threw is out instead even better you gain a fallen. if you get hit but your teammate catches the rebound then you’re saved and nobody is out.
so throw dodge and catch

Its my dodgeball club that decided to call me negend. A combination of my name and Legend

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