Church stole many friends from me and sexting turned to bible quotes

Between the ages of 18ish -20yrs old I experienced the effect of the church. Not on me but on the people around me. I had many friends in school and outside school. Like most people I also had  a main clique that I Jammed with the most. Even though I have many friends I’ve done a lot of traveling so I’ve never really had a strong attachment to things. within the clique I was kinda the newbie. We had good times jamming together and doing a lot of cool stuff; Camping projects, Rollerblading, uni visits list goes on of course. It was a good year. Untill summer came. I don’t know if it was the extra free time or whatever but all of a sudden jamming turned into bible studies. It happened all of a sudden. we went to see london blitz play (londons’ american football team)  and were rollerblading around endz one week then the next week I found myself sitting with them in a forced bible study session. As an agnostic raised in a catholic home I was uncomfortable but I knew how to fit in. I remember getting angry because there would be a few blatant misinterpretations of the bible being used to make a point. I was not tryna be the person starting debates despite my love for arguing so I just kept quiet and let the session end. I was hoping this was a quick phase that would wear off. but it didnt for the next few weeks everything they were into was bible study or in church needless to say I outgrew them and they outgrew me. we don’t even talk anymore (not malice just a lack of relation).

This was a season I opened my eyes and realized a lot of my friends had become serious church goers. I didn’t mind as long as the person could still chill outside of their church bubble. I don’t believe in church but I’ve grown up in it and I understand it so its not in anyway difficult for me to be friends with or relate to church goers as long as they are still a little open minded. Let me tell you what the worst thing is though. moving to a girl but she suddenly becomes born again and pushes you away out of it. WE WENT FROM SEXTING TO HER SENDING ME BIBLE QUOTES for christ sake. A girl that I got with and actually really liked. we met end of summer before uni. first week of uni while we were apart we were on the phone daily talking a lil suttin suttin we be texting a lil suttin suttin.  within the next few weeks she’d be mentioning going church with a friend before long she would be saying things like i’ll pray for you or god bless you to her sending the occasional bible quote. Am happy for her but at the same time am not cos dammit that is painful she went from wifey to pastor real quick.
Its just weird tho the pentecostal churches have that wonderful formula. between the ages of 16-20 teens are all tryna think grown up but at the same time are still impressionable. they start looking for the bigger picture. then the church comes along with its attractive youth services and and vibrant music (as compared to catholic or any other church) and fills them with their version of the bigger picture. Its not wrong cos its their belief but its annoying to see when you’re on the other side

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