Grime Needs a war and Skepta murdered

Am not very music inclined but I’ve grown up around three main genres hip hop, Grime and Nigerian tunes. The genre closest to my home in east London which I can always relate to most is grime. I want to see the Grime scene grow I want my home to be the birth of greatness. We’re a small demographic but there’s still space for us to fit ourselves into mainstream culture just like hip hop did. I mean we get a bit of light shed on us once in a while. Even get sparks of international recognition. That isn’t enough. We can’t keep aiming for just recognition and appreciation we need fans we need our loyal fans expanded tenfold. Forget this whole one fan at a time we need a good mother-load of new fans across the UK and more. We need people to like more than just a few songs we need people to fall in love with the scene and make it their culture.

I’ll tell you what grime needs. Like most great things in the world and like the definition of comedy, grime might need [tragedy + time] the sacred formula for greatness. While it is still in this temporary spotlight still being noticed a little by the mainstream public audience, we need an epic tragedy; a war. History has shown so many times that war can be very fruitful in the long run. What we need is for Skepta to join forces with Akala go a bit more extreme, make the movement stronger throw shots at the government and the industries. We need this war to be public (BBC NEWS) and we need Skepta and Akala to die mysteriously in the process. Mandela was sent to prison for 20+ years, MLK was killed. Tupac n biggie were killed.

Oooooweeee! If people think Skepta was probly killed by the government as a grime artist mmmmmmm that loyal following from the mainstream. Every JME video will get 7million views after a month so many of our artists will get at least 2 million followers and subscribers. Stormzy will then lead the new Generation to paradise while paying homage to the legends that are dead.
That’s one tragedy option there are others i was gonna say but this quick comment is already an essay. But i will say this now that grime is back in the spot light we need to go to the next level chip did well to start us off
1st level: As you all know ain’t nothing more hyper and more entertaining than beef. We’ve all continued to be grime fans since day1 but it was Chips beef that rejuvenated many careers this year and got us watching videos after videos like back in the day. Our loyalty to grime has been rekindled and in the process it has gained some recognition
2nd level: Attack other genres more send for other people outside grime but as a group. That will expand the grime following. Like seriously. Culture clash isn’t anywhere near enough. But it’s the right direction we need basically for someone to win the turfwars within grime. Monopolise the fanbase then beef with another rival as a grime ambassador. What am saying is for someone like skepta who has a dominant fanbase in the grime scene to beef with people ruthlessly and climb as the face of grime and yh maybe he should still die (sorry skepta it shoulda been dizzee and wiley in their prime but your the guy now)

Its basically the same formula we need a leader a cause and a worshiped martyr. Biggie and tupac have shown us wahgwarn.
we need to make this happen. We need to have a meeting like an illuminati level meeting just like chris rock says

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