Funny how the advancement of medicine led to a new Gender

Am just saying. If you are a transgender, I can never know what your feeling inside. However it is physically impossible  for a man to feel like a woman. i wanna say its impossible to feel gender. your gender is something you learn about as you grow into it. no human grows up with a feeling that he/she should be something you take what nature gives you and you grow to live with it. The feeling of be inadequate or cheated by nature can only come from you comparing yourself to someone with conditions that you prefer. A dwarf would not feel like he/she was supposed to be taller if he/she was only raised around dwarfs. Its only when the dwarf mixes with tall people and sees himself in a world made for tall people that he wishes he was taller. So the whole wanting to be a woman or man thing to me is just an extreme form of cross dressing and its just a mental state. Am not a person who believes in the existence of right or wrong so I don’t condemn it. I just like to know what IT is. I don’t believe it should be encouraged at primary school level at all cos most parents want their kids following their natural path so why plant backward ideas in them at such an age.
its amazing how the advancements in medicine created three genders. Identifying as a woman and being a woman are completely different. so if the need to be a woman was biological it would never be satisfied. I respect peoples choices as long as it doesn’t affect me or people and things that I love
so i will happily refer to people by their chosen identification however i will never say that you are a woman or man because women are more than dickless men with boobs. My opinion back in the day was that trannies are extreme homosexuals who have gone all out to attract their interest. The emergence of Caitlyn Jenner who is holding the mainstream torch for transgenders made me have to ditch the concept as SHE has still claimed to want girls.

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